✔ Minecraft: 5 Facts You Didn't Know About The HUSK


One of the more interesting additions of the 1.10 update, husks are the desert versions of zombies, and apparently are not only a lot tougher than their green counterparts, but are also a LOT more interesting. For instance, here are a couple of cool facts you probably didn’t know about ’em:

1) As you all probably know, husks tend to inflict players with hunger upon dealing damage. However, when wielding an item or a weapon, husks will lose their ability to do so.

2) Husks are invulnerable to sunlight, as they have thicker hair than zombies (which is why they are two pixels taller than them.)

3) Baby husks drop up to 7 more XP upon death than adult ones. Since 80% of the zombies spawned in deserts are husks, therefore 4% of all zombies spawned in deserts will be baby ones.

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  1. Another Fact:If A Husk Is In The Water Instead of Drowneds They Will Be Turned Into Regular Zombies And After That it will turn into Drowned


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