【VOEZ】Night Keepers – Colorful Voice (完整版 Full) (歌詞+mp3下載) (Lyrics+mp3 download)


謝謝觀賞! Thanks for watching!
這首 Night Keepers (守夜人)的 Colorful Voice 是雷亞的新作 VOEZ 的主題曲喔~曲風很美, 歌聲也很動聽! (///▽///)
This is Colorful Voice by Night Keepers, from Rayark’s new music game VOEZ. Hope you like it!
現場版 Live:

下載 mp3 (320kbps):


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Nguồn: https://sanxuatphucnguyen.com

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  1. My god. The melody is so beautiful. Now I try to pick out the beautiful patterns
    Do you hear that at 0:41 1:30 and 2:10? Such a dazzlingly beautiful and shining melody.

  2. Soy argentino , por lo cual mi inglés no es del todo bueno , pero por lo poco que llegó a entender , es un muy bonita canción

  3. Man… I completed this song on level 7 (hard) today and i like this song… This will give me memories

  4. Lately I've been pretty stressed… but after hearing this song and playing the game for a bit, I'm feeling better! My will to draw even came back!!

  5. Sorry but… that "320kb/s mp3" in description is not true. It is only 128kb/s. Tested by Spek. Anyway like this song 🙂

  6. It’s 2019… and I am happy that this game is still exist. What a wonderful game indeed. Such inspiring, such beauty.


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