50+ Build Ideas in Minecraft from my Survival World!


Today is a different kind of video from my regular uploads. I’ve been playing on the same Minecraft world for over 6 years, and I always get questions about some build ideas. So here’s a quick 50+ builds from my Let’s Play world that hopefully gives you some inspiration.

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(Next world tour will be on episode 350)

World Seed: The seed for this world use to be 1404998407, but due to recent updates, this seed number no longer gives you my world. The only way to get my world now is to download it.

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History of this world:
This survival series started on July 10th 2014 on the MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) App. I had quite a few MCPE videos before this series that I recorded and edited on the iPod 4th Generation. When I finally upgraded to the iPhone 5, this was when I wanted to start a Minecraft series that will last forever! I started this series on the iPhone 5 and eventually upgraded again to the iPhone 6 Plus for more power on Ep.66. MCPE on the iPhone 6 Plus served me well for a long time until the game started updating more and became even slower. This was until I bought myself a gaming laptop (Lenovo Y700) and transferred my ongoing MCPE world to Windows 10 Edition on Ep.154. Till this day, we are still surviving and thriving with builds in this world and plan to do so far into the future!

About me and my world:
Race: Slime
Age: 24
Country: US
World Created In: Update 0.9.0 (2014)
Computer: Lenovo Y700 They do not make this model anymore, but you can check out the newer models here –
Record With: OBS Studio
Edit With: Shotcut
Microphone: Blue Yeti (Blackout Edtion)
Headset: Astro A10

Thanks for watching!


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  1. This is just for me to come back to and remember what I want to do and also a checklist for my new world:

    0:26 – Main Base (X)
    0:35 – Main Base (X)
    0:53 – For Village (X)
    1:05 – For Village (X)
    1:18 – For Village (X)
    1:28 – EVERYWHERE (X)
    1:42 – In all bases (X)

  2. Guys Why do people build extra houses to their survival worlds like whats the point and please tell me what can i build easily and is helpful

  3. Ur world is absotely beautiful I love ur whole house it’s nearly like a mini games lobby I wish I had the patience to acc do that


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