[9.8] Miss Fortune SUPPORT – League of Legends (Season 9)


League of Legends Miss Fortune season 9 gameplay.

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Welcome to my Diamond Solo Queue games. I am a Botlane / Miss Fortune main and provide insightful commentary to you while I’m fighting my way through Solo Queue and out of Elo Hell. If you want me to play a specific build or champion in the botlane as Support or ADC, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Ghost Poro benefits you for having wards expire, which is not guaranteed. The poro has a vision range of 450 compared to 1100, the duration is half as long and you can place the zombie ward if the brush was already warded. Overall it is a better rune. I suggested Taste of Blood because you have no sustain. Ultimate Hunter certainly has a lot of value.

  2. Watching with the former support for MVP/Miss Fortune support enthusiast.

    Poppy support is a soft counter pick because her E is a threat on the right side of the lane, the ideal area to control for poking.

    Have you considered Ultimate Hunter and Taste of Blood or Zombie Ward for secondary runes?

    Caught off guard, but (auto attack, Q, walk up, side-step left, auto attack) leaves you with only getting hit by Ahri’s auto attack. You clicked yourself out of attack range and you are clicking too far away from your champion in order to be able to dodge her Q.

    Since you already have a Rift Scuttler ward, this brush is less valuable to ward. If you pass the wall Zac’s gank path is using E on top of you, preferably combined with Poppy’s E.


    Urgot in chat. Fault of attempting Rift Scuttle when both solo lanes have no priority.

    You can move up again and threaten Jhin.

    Should have backed after clearing the wave. You played the lane well up until this.

    Two Long Swords and two Control Wards are a better buy. Black Cleaver is not better than lethality items, even for team compositions that gain more benefit from the passive.

    This could be a little cleaner by having just pivoted down right, (E, R) before Urgot reaches them, rather than after.

    The optimal buys would have you with Remnant of the Watchers, Serrated Dirk, Boots of Swiftness and a Long Sword. Far more useful at the current moment than what you have purchased.

    Urgot punished for taking a great wave from Kai’Sa. 😁

    Purchase two Control Wards whenever possible.

    Use trinket whenever possible and appropriate.

    The right play is pushing mid with Rift Herald and then prepare for a Baron dance. Ocean Drake… 😅


  3. getting better my man also as i told even being sup MF you still better adc … hope you have a nice day

  4. ap on mf definitely isn't strong but it isn't terribly weak … ap mf can be fun but it so easy to shut down an ap mf and fck them for the whole game , ap mf is about the build not just throwing ap her way , ap mf can do good damage very early and late game but falls going from early to mid game … ap mf is like one of them champs , that you need your build ahead to do good damage … you need items with burn effects to keep her e and ult doing decent damage … and for q you need some ad(gun blade is like only option for that) with lichbane to do reasonable damage and then you need something for autos and the only real item for that is nashor's tooth , you may think rageblade but nah … since it changes hasn't been that useful on ap mf … its best to forget deathcap , a burn effect item is much more useful than it … hybrid builds don't work on mf anymore , you go one or the other … ad just the simple route with a lot less risk , which what her kit was designed for in the first place … i only suggest ap mf for fun unless your some op pro at ap mf = P … btw to fair ardent censer carried over from my ap mf supp testing as it worked with font of life and fact i was trying to be tanky(font of life adds 1% of maximum health to the heal and ardent censer helps make the heal decent) to do something more than slow and damage , mf supp can't get a enough ap for decent damage without ditching supp items completely , so just makes it a big no … but as tanky ad mf supp i still have damage with support items(that the help with wards and giving team damage and attack speed) and the fact am tanky , plus sometimes the adc completing useless i have to do everything myself (happens more than i care to count) , i guess you could say my tanky ad mf supp came from me wanting to do supp as mf(mf is my fave champ even know i have irelia as profile pic = P) and still kinda work like a normal supp … if you haven't figured it out yet , am weird , i do a lot of off-meta (love doing ap mf jgl in normals) , i do believe every champ can play every role , just some better than others …

  5. also, usually, what you have for your teammates is what I got for my opponent for like 60% of the time, x.x;;;
    last night lose 2 games within 10 mins because top/mid lose too hard …

  6. I'm glad you're better, man. It's so annoying to be sick. I enjoyed this video 'cuz I hate Jhins. Get well and rest if it's necessary 😄

  7. I've got a build suggestion you should test out vs team without hard tank. Standard pta runes, build BT->dusk->ldr->black cleaver. Also has a nice color theme :p. Been using it on my main Code 187 eune and smurf Kikseis euw.


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