Adele's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads


Adele is an icon – It’s hard to argue with that. And while her musical stylings have grown over the years, so too has her personal life – and her image – evolved. Let’s take a look at Adele’s head-turning transformation.

For better or for worse, a divorce can change you – and Adele is no exception to this fact.

Though it seemed for a while that Adele’s heart was carefully safeguarded – after all, she was happily married to her husband, Simon Konecki – the marriage came to an end in April 2019, when Adele officially filed for divorce. According to People magazine, this came after five months of separation, putting an end to their seven-year relationship.

Adele’s representatives said in a statement:

“Adele and her partner have separated. They are committed to raising their son together lovingly. As always they ask for privacy.”

As for how Adele processed the severance, the only clue is a post on her Instagram page, with a sad picture of herself on the left and an empowered snap on the right. The caption? Quote, “When you catch yourself in your feelings then remember who you are.”

In other words: Boy, bye! Keep watching to see why Adele’s Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads!


I wish nothing but the best for you | 0:15
When we were young | 1:28
“I used to cry but now…” | 2:26
I’ll be somebody different | 3:32

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  1. OmG! I am so triggered that she lost weight! I mean, is she like indirectly saying that being fat, ugly and probably bitchy is a BAD thing? Shouldn’t we like celebrate our fat asses even though it’s one of the leading causes of death in our society and is a total burden on our healthcare systems? I’m hyper confusion! 😝

  2. My thoughts are that Adele is a diehard fan of Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and specifically anamored with Margot Robbie's "Sharon Tate".. Adele is adopting the "Sharon Tate" style and look.

  3. Her body, her choice… quit making everything about yourselves, you egomaniacal sociopaths.

    It is not her job to stay fat for others comfort, and it is truly none of your business. 🙄

  4. The average woman in America will tell that she has been every size, but by the time a woman reaches puberty and has kids, that size usually lands on size 10 and up. Despite's Adele's weight loss, that isn't going to change. Adele's weight lost seems to have open the flood gates of attacks on the average woman who doesn't have a very public career and can't spend a fortune on a "personal trainer to the stars". Get over it. You want to talk about fat women, hiding behind a computer? I bet you cowards won't call your mothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers fat. Do it, and find out what happens. HAVE RESPECT FOR ALL WOMEN at any size and any stage in their lives, because you certainly won't always be a buff guy who's thin with a full head of hair. Who will love you men when you're no longer alpha males? A FAT WOMAN BY YOUR SIDE, that's who! And for you skinnier women who are fat shaming larger women in the comments, trust me, you are not perfect honey. Food may not be your thing to cope with sadness, loneliness, rejection, racism, or home drama, but I don't care who you are, EVERYONE has had something they've had to leave alone. It shouldn't take that long for yours to come to mind.

  5. I have loved Adele since the first time I heard her voice! Congrats to her on losing weight! She is beautiful inside and out no matter her size!

  6. The most incredible thing Adele did was give birth to her son..the second most incredible thing..realizing and doing what she needs to do to be there for him for a long time to come. Live long Adele and bless us with your voice.

  7. She kinda doesn’t look like Adele anymore, but I think you just have to get used to it. I hope she’s healthier.

  8. Bruh. People just want fat to be the norm. But it never should be. Being fat is bad for your health. Both body and mind. Its no wonder alot of obese people are depressed.

    Its really not that foking hard. Buy healthy food, eat less, move more. How hard can it be? Yall be stuffing 6x the food in yourself than you actually need, while an big percentage of the world is craving for just a little food. You should be ashamed by saying adele is wrong for losing weight. You all just to scared or lazy to do it yourselfs.

    Get yout shit togheter fat people.

  9. So born with a great voice and she is not over weight now…. Wow what earth breaking news. And I thought Sir Isaac Newton was amazing for having single handily developing the science of optics and charting the orbit of the planets while taking refuge from the plague in total seclusion. I wonder how many of the people in this comment section already knew that. Actually she lost about 100 lbs that is amazing…I just hate people slobbering over celebrities born with talent.

  10. What happened to fat being the new healthy way to be? Fatphobia is now winning. Adele needs to regain her 100 pounds ASAP!

  11. When stars post about losing weight I think it makes women wonder “why can’t I be like her” When stars have chefs and personal trainers and we commoners do not. It just reminds me about how unhappy it makes me when I do work out an wonder what I’m doing wrong to not lose the weight and struggle with body perception


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