Another Random Walking Tour in Hanoi 2018 (in 4K) | VIETNAM WALK


This video is 38 minutes long and includes scenery from everyday Hanoi life, including some old historical places, local markets, and getting lost deep in some neighborhood alleys. If you like that kind of stuff, please enjoy this video. If you don’t enjoy these types of videos, you don’t have to watch it. ^^

Please watch this video on the highest resolution your computer or phone can handle. It was filmed in 4K, but viewing it in 1080p is just as good. Anything lower is not recommended.

Map of where I walked:

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  1. Please make sure to watch the video at the highest resolution your computer or phone can handle. It's filmed in 4K, but 1080p is a good resolution as well. LOL (once again) to the troll who gave my video a thumbs down not even 20 seconds after it was uploaded and set to public. Get a life. To the rest of you, please enjoy. And remember, you DON'T HAVE TO watch this video unless you want to. Thanks for your support, cheers!

  2. 11:30 I must be missing something… Doesn't Vietnamese traffic code have a rule about stopping if there's a pedestrian on the crosswalk? Like why TF are cars just trying to go around you in the same direction you're moving?! Don't get me wrong, I'm from a 3rd world country myself and we have our share of morons on the road, but this level of neglect for rules is just mindblowing. Not a single one even slowed down!

  3. Absolutely Love this, brings back memories of our walk around such a brilliant city. It makes a nice change to be able to sit back and watch something without someone rabbiting on. We cannot wait to be back there.
    Thank you Cory.

  4. Oh boy, you have to be careful when want to cross the street lol! This is my first impression watching the video. The second impression is how much Toyotas and other Japanese care are in the city.

  5. Awesome looking area. Love the old buildings hugging the train track. The driving looks scary tho. Not sure these people should b operating motor vehicles. Its pretty much a free for all on thr roads. Otherwise this is a really cool looking city

  6. -the walking through traffic is fascinating. seems seamless.

    -how did you get it so still?!

    -the tourists in the bright green 😂

    -this is awesome.

  7. I'm a Saigoneer and whenever I head up north I can't help but feel like a literal tourist amidst Hanoi's beautiful architecture and chaotic yet far too charming wynds! The closest we have to Hanoi's cultural gems are probably bits and bobs of District 1 (Notre Dame, City Hall, etc.) and our Cantonese/Chinese quarter (no French quarter, sorry) filled with rows and rows of Cantonese migrants' heritage from the colonial era. But even that heritage for us is so inherently entrepreneurial, being deeply rooted in being a community of traders/businessmen that there's far less folklore surrounding their presence. Even regarding food, one of the unintended results of Saigon's economic powerhouse status is that it's making street food culture (slightly but noticeably) more stale over time.

    That said, you should head to some of Hanoi's nearby regions like Ninh Binh. The ecclesiastical heritage there are mind-blowingly spectacular (at least to me), Phat Diem Cathedral kicks St Joseph's and Notre Dame into the bin any day. I miss the North already.

  8. Inoticed that just like any busy city people do not great strangers too much or at all. No random waves or hellos. Also the wires!!! Do you ever hear music in the streets?

  9. I came to Hai Phong with a new GoPro7 Black hoping to do some video work using Adobe Premiere Rush given it's included in my LR/PS yearly subscription. Think I'll go sit outside at a coffee cafe and shot a hyper-lapse and take images with my Mamiya M645 film camera. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Question: Do you know if Hai Phong also has a "Train Street"?

  10. Thanks for sharing great fun always and holy hell 1130 that was nuts 🥜 u have a good one and Happy Holloween ☮️❤️🍀🦋👍😎🤘🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️👻🦇🦉🕸🕷😈🔥👀🎃

  11. I too prefer when you are talking as you add a soothing and informative voice to your wonderful videos . Still I enjoyed this one very much. Thank you for sharing 😉

  12. Hey Cory – another awesome video, is like I'm walking thru those areas. Although I can't walk that fast lol. Got a little claustrophobic in the narrow ally shots, too close for this country girl. Remarmkable they build so close together and yet those areas are so peaceful! Thank you for sharing your incredible videos! I miss your voice because I find you speak in a calm manner. But any video you do interesting, entertaining and educational! Who ever gave you the thumbs down had to be from America, there is a bad case of "assholeism" going around the country right now 😞, it's so embarrassing. Ignore the negative trolls – you have incredible talent and bring a lot more to the table than they can!!

  13. I always enjoy your walking videos……need more of them. I'm one who likes it when you do voice overs explaining things as you walk, but I enjoy either way.

  14. This was absolutely fascinating to watch. It's so much different from what I'm used too. I live in the States where things seem to be more organized, but whatever is going on there, it works. It's like organized chaos. Haha.
    The food at 21 where the ladies are preparing the meals looks delicious. I love Vietnamese food. The sauces and spices are so good.
    I've never seen so many bikes, and so much constant moving traffic. Where are the filling stations for gas? I'd really like to see what a filling station looks like, and how it operates.
    I hope you do more videos like this. I wasn't bored for one second, I found the experience entertaining and educational. I'd love to experience this, but not sure how safe and welcome I'd feel. Thanks so much for a great video, and well done too.

  15. I love it Cory. I miss Vietnam so much. With this kind of videos you make me feel like I am there walking by myself. I LOVE It

  16. Cory, how do you hold your camera? your videos are the best I have seen, I love Hanoi and Saigon- also what kind of Video Camera do you use? Enjoy your eye view of Beautiful Hanoi , Thank You

  17. Cory you are AMAZING with your walking videos. I like it when you leave a busy traffic-filled street and walk into one of those back alleys, the way it suddenly becomes sooooo quiet! Funnily enough I got the notification for this whilst watching the London Symphony Orchestra give a concert at the Ly Thai To statue and gardens, Hoan Kiem District. I knew they were doing an Asian tour, playing in Japan and Korea, but didn't realise they were also playing in Hanoi. That was on 5th
    October. Were you anywhere near, Cory? I know a lot of those guys from my music career as a professional violist playing as an extra in three of the London bands including the LSO. back in the 80's Anyway sorry to digress, keep the videos coming man we thoroughly appreciate them!! Take good care.

  18. It's really awesome to see you back man. The videos and photos recently have been awesome. I never thought I'd see a place in Hanoi that was a bit quiet, that pho video made me go gets some like that day lol

  19. Cory thank you i really enjoyed that and i do like your umbrella 😉 not much room down some of the side alley's for you and a bike . Take care . 🙂

  20. Hey Cory…for a Tuesday morning with a good hot coffee and your Great walking videos, who needs the lottery. Your videos are priceless…..Thank you so much. p.s. please don't get soaked out there….lol

  21. Aw Cory don't even pay attention to the Thumbs down will always have ignorant jealous people watching. This video was fun to watch very enjoyable ..keep the good work. To me there is more garbage on the side of the street than Saigon ..we are maybe going to Hanoi at the end of Dec ..not sure yet ..

  22. you know… i was struggling in canada for years, barely making ends meet, hating it, and hating my life. i started to think i should just move somewhere cheaper, somewhere fun cheap and easier to live.

    the question remained, Where?

    i studied places online. Belize? Argentina?The Ukraine? Cambodia? I even looked at Las Vegas ffs! (its pretty cheap to rent and eat there tbh) still, I really couldnt make up my mind, its a big leap to take if one is not 100% sure… but i kept researching…

    then one day i came across your youtube chan. your videos pushed me over the edge, man. your vids really show how attractive life in hanoi really is!

    I want to thank you for helping me decide to move to Hanoi. I LOVE it here and this has been the best year of my life in decades.

    youre the greatest Cory

  23. LOL. I think doing and watching youtube is one of the fastest ways to see mean and weird people!!! Why are some people are just so mean with their dislikes and bad comments right? lol. Cory, fighting!

  24. hi cory i recognise some of these streets i like these sort of vids theres a guy in hongkong thats been doing these type of vids for years (hongkongmaps)


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