Bamboo Village Resort – Pool Party Gambia


The propreitors of the newest Resort in the Gambia invited Bla Xit to check it out. Regardless of the unsually overcast weather we had a great time. Here are a few highlights. Bla Xit in conjunction with Crafted Marketing Solutions will be offering a Back2MyRootz- Roots Festival Tour that includes the return of the amazing Gambian Roots Festival in May 2021. Register your interest by emailing us stating Back2MyRootz as your reference so we can gauge the level of interest. Also my birthday celebration will be held at Bamboo Village Resort Hotel it’s a family affair so pop over with your swimming gear on Saturday 28th from 3pm onwards. RSVP via WhatsApp saying I’m coming to+232 31669354.
Special thanks to Wode Maya and Elvis and Peace. Big love to the Bla Xit family. Thanks to all of our donors and supporters and visitors.
Apologies for the short break we moved house and business premises also we are going to train ourselves to edit so bear with us a while longer. We have new equipment courtesy of Marka and Gill and Crystal who we cannot thank enough.
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We are grateful to all our donors and a gratitude video is on its way soon. X Love you all. x


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  1. Yeah thank you blocks it sister I will alarm maker in the vision to stadium when I get there as soon as I get my passport in order peace and blessings

  2. Is blaxit having a hangout before 24/3??? I'm in Gambia at the moment and going back to Sweden on the 24th… It would be such a shame not to meet Blaxit😭😭😭

  3. 😁😎
    Man that looks so nice and fun.
    Wanna be there soooooo bad.
    Called U.S passports office & they say my application is still open & still undecided….3 months later🤔😟
    These devils are soooooo foul.
    INSHA ALLAH I will get there one day.

  4. That’s what I like to see a black women that’s not afraid to get her hair wet because her natural hair is beautiful in every state. Return we got to go home family so we can walk in are truth✊🏿

  5. Aww once again a wonderful and a lovely video of youin the Gambia!🌸🤗 Plus Happy birthday in Advance to you Juliet! Your a March born like me! Woohoo! We are the special & the blessing born people in this world! #BlaxitFamily

  6. I'm really glad Juliet is having a good time in Gambia, I've been to Gambia a few times I have mixed feelings about Gambia. Had a few interesting incidents with expats and their Gambian friends all in all there are other African countries worth a visit. Like Togo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania. Tanzania I'd seriously consider moving to that country they have a President who is a real Black man.

  7. Dear Juliet. We are cold and it’s rainy in London. We hear the virus is patiently waiting for us on tube so we are worried. And now we. Are watch you enjoying the nice weather whyyyyyyyyyy 😭😭 a you hating us 😭 whyyy 😎😂😂😂😂 and the distorting bass is even making things harder

  8. I knew it was sonething extra special about you🎈🎊 my born day was yesterday! Your skin is so radiant you looking good! If anybody giving you the thumbs down😜 just miserable. Only people negative, are the ones not achieving their goals😳💋💋💋💋🎉

  9. You always have this bright beautiful smile no matter what and you are also a very intelligent soul! God BLESS YOU You're inspiring me to BLA XIT

  10. Nice resort sister Juliet. To all our family and those wishing to visit the Gambia,lets support Bamboo Village resort,support black owned businesses ,one love family.

  11. This women is nothing but fun and energy. I love it. I feel like I want to come to Gambia not just to learn about roots and culture but because of her. She is doing a great job.

  12. big respect to the month of MARCH!!! the GREATEST month everrrrrrr!!!! from the 1st.-31st. 👍😂😂😂👍


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