Biostar UEFI Bios Tutorial


The Biostar Hi-Fi B85N 3D motherboard comes in the mini-ITX form factor at only 17 x 17 cm, targeting the budget audience. The small form factor of the Biostar Hi-Fi B85N 3D is ideally suited for low power solutions, such as an HTPC or kiosk system.

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The Hi-Fi board contains the Intel B85 Chipset, which supports Socket LGA1150 i3, i5, and i7 processors, Intel Rapid Start, Intel Smart Connect, and Intel SBA 2.0. There is support for two DDR3 DIMM modules at 1333 or 1600 MHz, with a maximum memory capacity of 16GB. A combinations mSATA/Mini PCI-E slot is on the board to the addition of a SSD or Mini PCI-E card. The Hi-Fi B85N 3D comes with 100% solid capacitors for stability and longevity of the board. As for display outputs there is support for VGA D-Sub, DVI-I, and HDMI 1.4a, max resolutions include support for 4K2K resolutions for high definition displays.

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  1. fucking useless contenct we want to start the pc normally fucking help us not review idiot, or i report ur video does not give any content.

  2. Hey dude, I have a big problem and surely you know how to fix it.

    Yesterday I bought a new pc with A320MD PRO motherboard (bios is just like yours). I didn't had any other disc exept my Windows 7 32-bit disc. When I try to boot from disc, BSOD appears with message 'The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compilant' . Searched alot on internet, and everywhere says that I need to enable ACPI. I am new to this BIOS and you surely know alot about it. So please, can you tell me how I enable ACPI? If you help me, you will earn a loyal subscriber.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. mine is that model, I'm running windows 8 pro. only when I put a pendrive and if it removes the windows it locks all this and a problem of the square or the model of the plate

  4. good friend I have a tb 250 pro which I have a problem that does not detect the hard drive or the unit dvd says if they are but I can not install the win only see the usb I need that help that brings me crazy

  5. Hi there, do you know how to BIOS flash BIOSTAR TB250 BTC PRO . It can read only 9 video cards from 12 so I tied everything nothing helps .Thanks

  6. buenas noches, espero que me pueda ayudar, tengo una pc con motherboar BIOSTAR J1800NH2, me gustaría cambiar el sistema operativo, y me preguntaba si pudieras hacer un video de como bootear el bios para instalar el Windows, Saludos


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