Blade & Soul – Profile Pack #2 – Jin & Gon Males – KR/CN/JP/TW/NA/EU


Here is my second profile pack, now is time for some males, i think they are underrated in this game, but they are pretty cool 😛

If i have some time, i’m planning in a Lyn pack/video too to complete the set, maybe next week.

Profile download (580kb):

If you want to help me, share the youtube video url instead of just the file, thanks 🙂

To load it in the character creation, you need to put the .jpg inside:

C:Users{YOUR _USERNAME}PicturesBnSCharacterCustomize

These .jpg are not just images, they contains all the customization values inside, so don’t modify or you may lose all the data. I used a .zip as container, so the .jpg will not be modified by the online storage site or your browser while saving it.

These profiles are valid for all BnS versions (KR,JP,CN,and future)

Female Jin, Gon & Kun Pack Here:


Music: Johnny Third – Young Ones (feat. Jeremy Fowler)
Free Download:

NoCopyrightSounds release:

Johnny Third:

Dobok Changer by milaR0se:

More Blade and Soul videos here:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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  1. Ok then!! I saw the girl version earlier, and I was a bit worried about this one being too "macho" and unequal. I'm satisfied. Would've liked some of their movements to be a bit sexier, but I'll take what I can get.

    I mean, I'm all for sexiness in character creation….so long as I can make the dudes as slutty as the girls XD. EVERYONE IS A SLUT!!!! THAT'S VIDEO GAME EQUALITY!!!!!! (drops mic and moonwalks away)

  2. +rendermax can you please make a mod for all of these costumes please. i would really love the ones at 1:01 and 0:59

  3. Im kinda confused, is this just a skin or what?
    Im new to this game sry….
    Plz explain this for me..thx
    (Sexy af)

  4. I cant use these character customization in game (BnS EU) .. although I've put them in the folder you referred to!

    [fangirl screams and nosebleeds]
    For the 1st time since Mabinogi, it'll actually be difficult for female players to resist dating in this game. Question is, will guys make use of this to do online dating and have some fun like in Mabinogi OR will they just make a girl toy and play Barbie instead.
    Warning: If there are Barbie's there'll be Ken's so if the majority chooses the latter then…

  6. pruh, can u makes some photos about setting character create 0:30 ?

    rly like it, looks just like Howllow itchigo from bleach.
    Thank you kindly.


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