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Boney M Rivers of Babylon Lyrics
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Definitely a must-see in a H.Q. video work with high fidelity sound and lyrics subtitled by George Pitropogiannakis, who states: In the name of Fair Use and Creativity I uploaded this video only for Educational Purpose, that is Learning English with Music and synchronised Subtitled Karaoke Lyrics on Screen… I do believe that listening to this wonderful song is a unique communication and in addition to that I do respect musicians, composers, performers, producers, poets, lyricists… This account has no intention to be terminated due to the fact of would have received repeated claims by third parties for copyright infringement which involved the material the user posted, just in the name of Fair Use and Creativity… This is Music 4 Learning English
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  1. Jesus wasn't born in babylon guess abraham was born there wasn't jesus born in Bethlehem?🙄 Zion is a Jewish concept is it also in christianity dont know?

  2. (Psalms 137:1)
    "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion."

    From 2020 💕😄

  3. Hallelujah; praise the lord! Its 2020 everyone! What better song to listen to than old classics like these and some hymns!

  4. u the best friend forever. Hi boeny u guys are the best singers ever i see u guys, i love u so much that my hearts is to exiceate.

  5. للعلم هذي الاغنيه اللي كانوا جيش الاحتلال الامريكي اللعين يشغلها لمعتقلين ابوغريب عشان مايخلونهم ينامون الله يحفظ الحي منهم ويرحم الشهداء

  6. اليك اكتب ..
    علي فكره بيغنوا علي انهار بابل بالعراق ..
    نور عيوني هناك .. ! 😘😘🙏😘😘


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