COVID-19: Changi Exhibition Centre, one of Singapore's largest isolation facilities


You know it as home to the Singapore Airshow. Now the Changi Exhibition Centre has been transformed into an isolation facility with thousands of beds for COVID-19 patients, complete with robots.


#COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak

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  1. 🌿ไวเลอตอง V.S.ไวรัสโควิด-19
    🌿อาหารเสริม เพิ่มภูมิคุ้มกัน
    🌞ปอดแข็งแรง สู้ภัยไวรัสร้าย🔥อาหารเสริมบำรุงปอด/

  2. Man this can cause psychological issue with no social interaction or entertainment and put in a small room. Since I m claustrophobic,. I don't think I can survive staying there. If I got the virus, I ain't disclosing it to anyone.

  3. When covid-19 broke out, simple shelters were very useful.

    Effective isolation is the most critical measure to prevent the epidemic from continuing to spread.

  4. So proud of Singapore..Even cost is very high in Singapore, yet other organization such Raffles Group, Mandarin Oriental & ST engineering step in to boost up..🤲🤲

    Proud to be Singaporean #SGUnited

  5. Singapore has setup the example for the world in how one should take care of your people . Kudos to them … Hope the world would learn from Singapore.

    And together we get out of this pendamic.

  6. PAP failed to bend the curve once again with close to a 1000 news cases. PAP is a "sia suay" political party. They cannot handle crisis. Although, they can tax you very well with 9% GST. Do not vote PAP.

  7. 还吃蔬菜餐?

  8. Omg. So dam stupid. Another disaster is looming ahead. 8 sick beds in one room? Out of the pot into the frying pan. Poor guys.. thier ignorance being exploited to highest level.

  9. Please watch the Sunday evening service on youtube channel CHURCH, now and be protected from covid19 and receive power to face the future. Thanks.

  10. "if" separation was so important, why are the beds less then "6 feet apart" (add partitions for crying out loud), at night when you cough it will travel to the other persons, for privacy too, it's not because they are foreign workers that ended up here in this situation that they don't deserve decent privacy, the fans in the rooms will also make the particles fly further and in all directions, bad thought up lay-out

  11. Not related but, NEW CLUSTER AT NORTHPOINT MALL BUT NOT SHUT DOWN? FFS?? Rmb how case 42 foreign worker visited Mustafa, and now around a month later outbreaks and clusters from there??? Nv learn?


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