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*Disclosure: I was invited by HanaTour’s Discover Korea division to participate on the following trip in exchange for writing about my experience.

HanaTour is one of Korea’s largest tour operators. They have started a new program, aimed at foreigners coming to Korea. The packages are designed to showcase a little of Korea’s rich history and culture, while providing a Five Star experience.

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  1. The prices for those rooms must be astronomical! The spiciness of the food would be a real drawback for me really. I'd probably choke on it.

  2. I see, it's a guided group tour… To be honest, aside from the accommodations, I don't think I'd enjoy it very much. Tight schedule and a lack of flexibility? And expensive…

  3. wow!!! SO many different places to explore!!! and a lot of tasty looking food!!! my favorite part was the tea plantation it just seemed so mysterious with all the fog, wind, and the music mixed in! loved it!!! Thanks so much for this video!!! I'd love to buy one of those tour packages one day!!! ^^

  4. @brit5040 For what you get, I think the price is dead on. There are certainly cheaper ways to travel… but you wouldn't be staying at Five-Star resorts.

  5. Looks like you went during the rainy season, but all of that comfort food makes up for some of the weather's shortcomings…

  6. Oh I know him :35 ever4one looks like a Youtube users trip.. he is so Steve what did you have written on the paper? What body of water was that you were looking at at on the hotel balcony? Looks like a deluxe suite they are treating you right at the Hilton

    The food looks so good I love all the side dishes I am hungry but it's time to go to bed. The tour looks good!!

  7. omg every time I see someone eating Korean food I wanna kill them !!
    cuz I have no chance to eat Korean food here in Canada…
    Enjoyed ur video as always 🙂

  8. Usually I avoid tours, I like to take the path less traveled for lack of a better phrase, in the realm of the "real" people and not gift shops, that, and one time I took a tour in China – it was awful – its bad when the foreigner knows more about the cultural history than the guide, he claimed that the Forbidden City was built during the Tang Dynasty, funny though that the Tang capital was Xian, not Beijing. I'm being bitter =P With that being said, this tour looked decent =D

    Peace my friend.

  9. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for showing some of the Korea I missed seeing. After experiencing the warmth and friendliness of so many small Korean inns, they'd have to pay me to stay at any 5-star place. Sterile, with not even a picture to remind one of being in beautiful Korea. Just an opinion gathered from stays in Milan, Vienna, Seoul, etc. I'll take the tiny inn everytime.

  10. This was cool i like how nature and human civilization can coexist. Is most of korea like that or were those just tourist locations? i wish i could go to korea. isn't that the guy from talktomeinkorean?

  11. @ChristopherMast Batik – Traditional Indonesian style. Picked it up last summer on the honeymoon.

    Man bags are all the rage in Asia!

  12. …that shirt! YIKES! Can't decide if I like it or not… …and what's with that guy's pink man-purse? OK enough fashion critique from me…


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