Do Dual CPU Sockets Matter in 2018?


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Xeon Scalable is Intel’s “true” high-end workstation CPU line, with multi-CPU support baked in. But that comes at a cost…

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  1. Dual 3rd gen threadrippers ray tracing gpu Special order Tesla power supply and cyber truck design like box VR builder rig

  2. 2030: Intel core i16 (320-cores) 12.5Gh
    Ram 4×64 6444Gh
    RTX 18200 Ultra 32K + Intel Hd graphics 32000
    Superior PC

  3. Wait a few years they will fix that memory problem all cpus will look at the same ram have special ram

  4. 5:45 For C621, what’s bus transfer data between CPU1 and CPU2? C621 does not connect to CPU2 via DMI3.0, just only CPU1.

  5. 162 GPU set up,
    I beat your $100,000 8k setup.

  6. If you can could u create an Info video on = I like to know whether we can bride two different PC's for one OS or to run one Operating system Thank Q, Thanks for your Time

  7. Has Linus left to start a new job as an IT Extraordinaire? Also left his wife for another girl and gone skiing? I'm so confused right now 🤯

  8. 3:00 in the video
    I have been wanting to build a new system for a bit now and like that ltt does provide info i really cant find elsewhere. I am a productivity driven enthusiast that reminisis about my history of obsessive gaming; that is to say I will a system built to get the JOB done and I might put a game on it oneday.
    What parts should I be looking to buy and what is just a waste of money.
    Hopefully on this episode of LTT drops things larger than my paycheck we will find out.

    *me thinking I like ltt so much, tons of useful info packed in a small time stamp with usually just enough fluff to keep a chuckle and entertainment going.

  9. 2S systems are still very relevant, even now in late 2019, as high-end xeons from 2015 and so crash in price. You can easily find a E5-2670 v3 on Ebay for ~$110, which for 2 of these means you get 24 cores (48 threads) at 2.3Ghz, 3.1GHz boost for $220. There's really nothing on one chip that can beat that at that price. 24 cores at $220! That's less than $10 per core!

  10. Look at this mug-blood reading from a script, not actually knowing the true use cases for these systems. He wishes he knew what to do with it but instead he's stuck here talking to all you fucking muggles telling you that you'll never know what to do with it either.

  11. bad idea to use those butt wipes cos you'll be absorbing the chemicals right into your rectum. for those on the idiot side of things let's just say among different cancers colon cancer is not a great experience.


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