Dota 2 6.84 | New items


Learn the new Dota 2 6.84 items, which heroes should get them and which heroes they are good against. This covers Enchanted Mango, Glimmer Cape, Guardian Greaves, Moon Shard, Silver Edge, Solar Crest and Octarine Core. Lotus Orb is covered in another video. Have any other findings about the items and which heroes they work well with? Please comment below.

Want to skip to a particular item? Click on the times below.
Lotus Orb – 0:10
Guardian Greaves – 0:47
Moon Shard – 1:39
Silver Edge – 2:12
Solar Crest – 3:24
Octarine Core – 4:00
Glimmer Cape – 4:34
Enchanted Mango – 5:20

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Content Contributors: LuminousInverse, PhysicsMathMan, dpmlicious, tsunami643
Music: Carbon Based Lifeforms / Neurotransmitter


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  1. great video. . .this is the shit that annoys me about dota tho, there are so many fuckin' intricacies w/ items and certain spells they work on/debuff. . .it's like a job in and of itself trying to piece it all together. I swear i'd jump 1k MMR if i knew my items better = /

  2. so if u dont consume ur moon shard ur attacks will be faster? if i consume it, it will be slower?
    I consume it everytime my bad

  3. Does anyone else think lotus orb is terrible? Yes you may be able to reflect back some nasty single target spells, but in that sense it is just a more expensive blademail. It also doesn't reflect AOE spells, which there are a lot of. Blademail does this. The best usage I have seen is a pudge reflect doom. But it was entirely the dooms fault for it wasn't like he applied it mid doom animation. Doom was just stupid.

  4. are you guys gonna share some TI direct invite predictions? kinda need some input for 2 more teams

  5. After a couple of days of more 6.84, I think that Glimmer Cape is probably the best of all of the new items. It's so cheap so that most supports / utility cores can get it. You're gonna at least save 2-3 lives with it. Even when they have detection the Glimmered target has 66% magic resistance. I fully expecting this item to be nerfed.

  6. What about solar deso on the weaver? Do you still think it's fine for carries or semicarries to go medalion?

  7. Does Silver Edge go effect go through BKB? if it is, it's extremely broken. With this item, I bet there will be a huge decrease in playing PA.

  8. I think you are underestimating solar crest. I think it will be core on lycan and visage, and I bet you will see it on some gankers like tusk.

  9. You misspoke and said "magic damage" for Octarine core, then included QoP and Bristleback.  It's SPELL damage, which you know, because you included those two heroes.

  10. I love when someone cares about their video and place dem little parts with times on sceen and in the desciption and also the music. I love your videos man, keep up the good work.

  11. Know what the 6.84 new items do and which heroes should get them. 

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