Dota 2 Item Guide: Shadow Blade, Sange, & Silver Edge (6.86)-Major Changes


Back to item guides. This video was suppose to be about the silver edge but I decided to save some time and include the shadow blade and sange as well. Any future videos that reference the sange will be linked back to this one.

**This video is out of date. Silver edge now built from a shadow blade, ultimate orb, and recipe. The item has only seen slight stat changes and a slightly different component requirement. Its uses are still the same**

Shadow Blade Changes since posted:
Cost from 2800 gold to 2700 gold

Sange Changes since posted:
Cost from 2050 gold to 1950 gold
Maim proc chance from 15% to 30%
Maim move slow from ranged hero from 20% to 10%
Maim speed slow from ranged hero from 20 to 10
(Maim slow from melee hero remains unchanged)

Silver Edge Changes since posted:
Components are now Shadow Blade, Ultimate Orb, and Recipe
Cost from 5450 gold to 5550 gold
Removed Maim
Stats from +16 Strength to +15 of All Stats
Damage from +32 to +30
Damage reduction and Break duration from 4 Sec to 5 Sec

Here are the time stamps if you just want to learn about one of the items.
Shadow Blade: 0:27
Sange: 2:40
Silver Edge: 3:49

List of Passives Not Disabled (For Good Reason)

Bristle Back – Warpath
Lone Druid – Synergy
Ogre Magi – Multicast
Riki – Permanent Invisibility
Shadow Fiend – Requiem of Souls
– Necromastery
Tiny – Grow
Death Prophet – Witchcraft
Meepo – Divided We Stand
Pudge – Flesh Heap
Silencer – Intelligence Steal
Wraith King – Reincarnation
Faceless Void – Chronosphere Immunity

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