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Still using a gmail? Now you can upgrade to a cleaner inbox and professional email…FOR FREE!

We’re talking custom email, business email, company email…whatever you want to call an email that isn’t Outlook, Yahoo, or Gmail or whatever!

Zoho is not new! I have been using Zoho’s emails since my lawn care business days. Somewhere around 2014-2015 is when we became hip to Zoho and everything they have to offer.

We only use Zoho Mail, but you may be interested in any of the other many awesome tools they have for businesses.

Do you get a funny feeling when you see a business with a gmail email?

I know I do…not sure if that is because I am an internet guy or not!

But, after watching this tutorial on how to get an email setup, you can upgrade yourself to a company email for free. No more excuses!

You can even migrate in emails from past email inboxes (and yes, you can keep the same email address…) so you can reference all of that past data if needed.

When you setup a custom email, here is what you need to know:

1. You will need to make DNS records for your new email to work. This is done where your domain is registered or where your website is hosted…just depends on your setup.

You will need to add a DNS record to 1st verify you own your domain name.

Then, MX records so your mail and send and receive emails.

Then, DKIM and SPF records so your emails don’t end up in your recipients junk folder!

It’s really that simple at the end of the day…just a little copy and pasting.

2. Test your email from many other email providers such as to and from a gmail, outlook, and other @domain emails to ensure there are no issues.

3. SMTP – You may need to use a SMTP plugin to make sure form submissions from your website make it to your inbox!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!


👇 Other free tools you should be using:

👉 Google Search Console

👉 Google Analytics

👉 Google My Business

👉 Bing Webmaster Tools

👉 Bing Places

👉👉 If no links follow the other tools, that video is coming out very soon! Subscribe and hit the bell so you know when it drops!

I’ve been full-time in website design, search engine marketing, and running Google ads for clients almost 2 years now after selling my lawn care business. I was able to build and sell my lawn business because of its online presence which I took over in 2012.

The results our web services are providing our clients speak for themselves.

We’ve worked with over 50 lawn and landscape companies to better increase their exposure online. Many get ‘too busy,’ but we call those…’Good problems!’


I really just want to see more lawn and landscape companies actually make money, and small business owners in general. That is, the ones doing it the right way and putting in that work!

Most small businesses never seem to get over the hump and start actually making money.

A lot of people I talk to have been burned by a web/SEO service in the past and now think it doesn’t work or that every web/SEO company will rip them off too.

The other side of that coin is the small business owner who ‘saves money’ and handles their online presence themselves, and they also don’t think it works. Well, since they don’t know what they are doing…of course it doesn’t work!

The real sad part is most websites I see SUCK! They may look good on face value, but Google has no idea what the sites are about and when they should rank them.

The people happy with the good looking, but crappy website are the ones who never get over the hump.

Anyway – enough with my rant!

If you want me to take a look at your website/online presence, call me. Like, pick up the phone and call me. That will let me know you are serious. Tired of tire kickers…

Learn more about us:

All of my contact info is on our website.

Learn more about Lawn Crack and how it serves the lawn and landscape community at Lots of free stuff you can download and use in your business, the famous Lawn Crack Area Calculator, blogs on important topics to take your business to the next level, and parts, products, and consumables lawn and landscape professionals need at the best price on the internet like the Proslide XT.

Is your website accessible?

If not, check out before you get sued!

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  1. How many 'users' as individual team member's email addresses I can add with this forever free plan? Is there a limit?

  2. Is this the same method to use when one has a domain name and hosting as well?
    Could you also share the process for TXT method?


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