Gigabyte B75M-D3H corrupted BIOS boot/post loop fix

So I updated the BIOS on my media center PC which has a Gigabyte B75M-D3H Dual BIOS motherboard and when the PC restarted it went into a boot loop where when I would turn on the PC it would start with no video then restart still no video then the 3rd time it would show BIOS splash screen then followed by a blue screen.
I tried everything from removing CMOS battery to swapping out the RAM and the CPU after that I realized that its the BIOS.
Unfortunately the motherboard would not post from 2nd BIOS no matter what I did so ultimately after giving up I had a crazy idea of shorting out the pins of BIOS 1 so that motherboard would be forced to use BIOS 2 and yes it did work!

I don’t really recommend trying such things yourself if your board is under warranty you should get a RMA done.


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