Gigabyte B75M-D3H corrupted BIOS boot/post loop fix


So I updated the BIOS on my media center PC which has a Gigabyte B75M-D3H Dual BIOS motherboard and when the PC restarted it went into a boot loop where when I would turn on the PC it would start with no video then restart still no video then the 3rd time it would show BIOS splash screen then followed by a blue screen.
I tried everything from removing CMOS battery to swapping out the RAM and the CPU after that I realized that its the BIOS.
Unfortunately the motherboard would not post from 2nd BIOS no matter what I did so ultimately after giving up I had a crazy idea of shorting out the pins of BIOS 1 so that motherboard would be forced to use BIOS 2 and yes it did work!

I don’t really recommend trying such things yourself if your board is under warranty you should get a RMA done.


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  1. Mine showing

    Main bios is corrupted. The system will backup from the secondary bios.. updating the main bios

    And at 0% for 2 hours

    Pls help me some one

  2. Thanks, I've heard that holding down On button and Reset button down together for 10 seconds would do the same ?

  3. Hey,
    I also have a same Mother board ,with i3 3gen and i want to upgrade .
    What changes i have to do in the mother board if i run it with i7 3rd gen ???
    Will it work fine ???

  4. This will help my PC shutdown properly? It's problem is when I shutdown the PC,the 4 case fans and LEDs remain on,so will this help this issue? And all the components needs to be removed,not only unplug from the power supply?

  5. If it was not clear to someone, I saw in another video that pin 4 should be bridged with pin 7 of the main bios with the board on, until a recovery message appears. Thanks a lot!

  6. you got a very control on your hand mate, pointing ics with bare screw driving on electric powered motherboard.

  7. Guys i tried everything from resetting cmos, taking the cmos battery out, taking ram out, disconnecting HD's and sata cables and NOTHING worked. Until i came across something that worked for me and got the bios working again.

    Turn off power supply. Hold down the on button. Turn on power supply then after 2-3 seconds of the computer being on, turn off the power supply again. Then release the on button.
    Then turn the power supply back on. Now press the on button. This will reset your bios and it will overwrite the corrupt bios with the backup bios. You will see a loading screen as it overwrites the corrupt bios.

    This is what worked for me. Everything else failed.


  9. What pins did you short to be exact, I'm having difficulty with a gigabyte board that is also dual bios?

  10. Seen in other videos telling you to short the pins but none with the detail (LOOK FOR THE ARROW) good stuff thanks

  11. Wow I gotta say my guy this actually fixed my problems. I was getting so hella desperate to fix my rig cuz im actually about to move and I DID NOT need something like this happening. Thanks so much for your vid and slow pace explaination !!

  12. Worked for me, thanks a ton man! I just randomly shorted pins till the repair screen showed up lol, should of read comments xD

  13. I can confirm that shorting the pin 1 and 6 at the same time on the M_bios works on a Gigabyte GA- Z97X-SLI

  14. I tried this myself and it wouldn’t work at first. But after several attempts at shorting the bios chip it really actually worked. I am amazed. Thanks so much. Update: Not working after rebuilding pc.

  15. Wow! Lifesaver. At first I tried shorting the m-bios on 1 and 6, but nothing happened. Then I tried 1 and 2, but still nothing. So then I just got pissed and started wiping a zip tie along all the pins and sure enough, there is the secondary bios recovering stuff. Phew…..

  16. Pls help me. I updated Bios and now my Pc wont turn on display and no usb and other ports, i tried jumping the bios but no avail. Pls help me

  17. Took a couple of attempts but worked a dream. I really thought this board was bricked but now working as it should. Thank you so much for posting.

  18. Hi mr Tech guy charlie… when you short the backup bios,the pc is:

    a.turn off (with eletric plug in)
    b. turn off (with electric plug off)
    c..turn on

    which option that you do at that time?

  19. It worked. Short the Pins 1 & 6 near d white arrow – that is the clue… then push power button. Press Enter 2x… fixed… thanks for the tip!


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