Gob Denied by Mailer-Daemon | Arrested Development | Netflix


Gob applies for president positions, but runs into some technical difficulties… Starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Michael Cera. Arrested Development returns March 15 only on Netflix.

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Gob Denied by Mailer-Daemon | Arrested Development | Netflix

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  1. Unfortunately this clip shows that maybe the humor is still misplaced in the new season. It just doesn't feel right.

  2. same old jokes with older faces. 5.2 was so disappointing. Well technically not disappointing since 4 & 5 were terrible. But I was hoping for maybe a sign of life from this. But nope. Just bad and boring all the way around.

  3. Shshshshurre so, the mailerdaemon is just going to randomly respond at anytime to an email from the guy in he $300 suit?? Come on!

  4. Just Finish The Season, My Thoughts:
    1) Tobias Is My Favorite Character, And His Still Is.
    2) I Found Buster Very Creepy And Scary After Finding Out He Is The Murderer.
    3) I'm Disappointed That Michael Left, But I'm Sure He Be Back.
    4) This Season Had So Much Good Mystery And Intensity
    5) This Was The Best Show/Season Ever!

  5. Will Arnett is so perfect as Gob…the whole cast is great in their roles really and I think that’s a big part of why it’s got the following it does. It’s a well written show and being perfectly cast..the words flow naturally

  6. Netflix I don’t know how to reach the right person but I can help save this company so much money/profit entertainment is my jam my jelly and my peanut butter lol I’m one the few that likes almost everything so I know what people want on all the things we relate to! Netflix call me my name is Shane and I can help you I’m doin good on my own but I’ve heard of Krazyier stories! Lol

  7. The Sabrina Show you have made is so BAD and PISSES ME OFF TO KNOW END HOW COULD YOU MAKE A SHOW THATS MORE ABOUT AGENDA THEN STORY TELLING I MEAN IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE U LET THE MARVEL DEAL FAIL AND YOU MAKE THIS SHOW THAT I WAS SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR AND ON THE FIRST EPISODE I ALREADY KNEW I HATED IT! WOMEN CAN be awesome on film and not have to be this sjw bullshit and what I mean by that is sjw means agenda! Let me give one example but if you made a gay superhero that was a badass didn’t act like he is more feminine than a woman still made him a badass that just so happens to fuck dudes in the ass than he would be acceptable he would do well as long as ultimately you focus on the story the characters in this case the action and it well be well liked but when you heavy hand your bull shit agenda and treat people like 1970’s assholes’ well know Wonder your hated on!

  8. Hope the latest iteration is back to form. When "they" made Michael an idiot and inserted way way WAY too much Ron Howard, it just ruined the show completely.


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