H61 LGA 1155 Mini-DTX Motherboard from China


You can find these cheap, but new, LGA 1155 Motherboard with H61 Chipset coming out of China. CPUs and DDR3 memory can be had for cheap, so you can put together a nice budget gaming system. But are these motherboards worth it? Let’s find out!

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  1. Hey bro i know I'm late but i got a similar mobo to this one,my question is have u updated the bios to run the ivy bridge cpu ?

  2. Does this board requires a graphic card to view (display).? Right now I don't have graphic card and I didn't get the display…

  3. I bought the same motherboard and would like to know if you have a website where I can download the installation drivers for it?

  4. I was so lucky to be in the right time and place to get my hands on a $325 i72600k (Fry's electronics special limited stock) back when it first came out in 2011. the chip is still awesome, my motherboards don't last though. I'm so out of the pc building scene I can't see myself throwing down money for a newer chip. Its nice to know LGA 1155 socket MOBO are still being designed. I might try to go ITX this time. Great vid

  5. I am going to buy one of these but I look at it online and the motherboard I am looking at has no video port on the board so I am thinking is it p67 (edit)-it says p67 on the details but it only has 4 pin. So let me know if anyone knows anything.

  6. How the hell DO you enter bios?

    The American Megatrend screen offers n boot options, the CMOS jumper does nothing when removed and actively BLOCKS power up if moved to other two pins (never seen that before).

    I have no way of entering the bios and the only bios update I can find for it (no flasher found) is a .bin file…WHICH AMI DOESNT USE! >_<

  7. Is it still viable to run this Mobo with decade old processor on 2019-2020? Specially when there is Am4 and athlon200ge and Ryzen series.

  8. Hello, I was wondering if you still had the manual for the lga 1155 motherboard? I forgot where to put the +POWER SW into.

  9. These boards are terrible, just don't. No support, and bios are hokee. I also couldn't get turbo, fan speed, and would crash if i put pcie wifi card in it would crash. China has gigabyte, msi, and asus board for sale just 10 or so more dollars.

  10. Thanks for this video! Some spare components of mine have been needing a good home. Your RX 560 usage gave me some helpful info. ♥

  11. Help… I need manual guide fot this type motherboard…i lost it and manufacture did't reply my e-mail

  12. I have been looking for the original drivers of the motherboard and have not found them and can someone help me?

  13. Im thinking of getting this for my i5 2500, 16gb ram ddr3 and GTX 1060 6gb. is this a good option? its really hard finding a 1155 socket under 100$

  14. Would you recommend this board for an old HP rebuild? I have old 1 Gbe NICs so, the lack of 1 Gbe won't be an issue. It seems smaller than some of the M-ATX motherboards out there that are used.

  15. Gotta say now that I got about the same system for under 70€ as I already had the I7 that it makes a perfect living room pc for different usesm

  16. You can build a pretty solid gaming rig if you add 1070ti and 8gbx2 dual channel ram and maybe a pci-e ssd for faster speeds compared to a ssd on the sata2 port.

  17. the real question is, how LONG do those motherboards last? im legit interested, and hoping they last as long as a well reputable brand, because those are the perfect size for the projects i make, i turn tons of Xbox cases and PS cases into computers.

  18. Is this B75-1155 Computer Mainboard Durable Motherboard CPU Interface LGA 1155 US the same or basically the same motherboard?

  19. Nice board, for a h61 motherboard, I expected no overclocking. Would've been great if you tried to overclock your i7 3770 for a bit. Those i7 3770 cpus can still generally overclock up to 4.1ghz as far as I can see, all it needs is an overclockable motherboard

  20. Does it support I7 2600? I have one with some ddr3 ram so i would be pretty much set if I just get the board


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