Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam | Amazing Motorbike Adventure (Day 1)


The Ha Giang Loop is a motorbike ride in Northern Vietnam. The adventure takes between 3-5 days to complete. Today is Day 1 of the Ha Giang motorbike ride. In this video series, I show you what the motorbike ride is like, while giving some helpful tips, places to stay, routes to take, things to do, and in general, how to do The Ha Giang Loop the right way and have an amazing trip in Vietnam. Click below for travel gear you should have.

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  2. Our 5-people group took off-road motorbike tours via Ha Giang loop several months ago. The loop route here is really impressive and exciting. The most terrific moment was when we passed through Ma Pi Leng pass while contemplating Nho Que river from above!

  3. They should promote more fri endly tourism instead of police check points shaking people dow for money.
    Safe travel my friend 💟

  4. Been living here 8 years still haven’t done the loop as I’ve had a Beautiful daughter who is now five years old .So next year I’m on it . Great vid stay safe .

  5. I never comment but felt the need on this one. Doing “The Loop” in 3 to 5 days and getting drunk at your hostel at night means you missed out. Just did over a week out there and didn’t cover everything at all. There is the little paper map that essentially has a figure 8 on it. People ride a few days to the main towns and think they saw it all. I could have spent many days just doing day trips out of each town in directions that isn’t considered the loop. Meo Vac and Lung Ho are two of the best areas you will find out there. Not talking about scenic lookouts or towns themselves. I am talking about areas to explore around the towns. The H’Mong villages near Meo Vac and Du Gia are incredible! The Meovac H’mong Ecolodge outside Meo Vac was a great base point to explore that area and learn about the H’Mong people. Owned by a western educated English speaking member of the H’mong people. The standard Yen Minh then Dong Van then Lung Cu (Instagram picture trip) then out is what it is. If you truly want to experience that region of the country get off the loop itself and onto the paths less traveled. There are so many different groups of indigenous people that live there. If you love to ride, love different cultures,and want to see one of the most beautiful places on earth, then GO there! This places is unlike anywhere else in Vietnam because of the tribal people alone. Pictures and even these great videos do not do it justice! Some of the best motorcycle roads in the world! Go,Ride,Experience! When the pavement stops the real adventure begins!

    Edit: After watching our 3rd video… You stayed at the Ecolodge I mentioned. Excellent! I hope you rode to the top of the hill that was looking down on you when you were at the lodge? I hope you went to the river near there and got in a boat? I hope you rode past the dam and up towards the Chinese border? If not… Go back, ask for directions from the owner, and you will thank me.

  6. I need to be online 5 hours a day but want to do the Ha Giang Loop. Do you think it is possible to just do a few hours riding each day and spend afternoons in an air con hotel working online? I just need stable internet and (ideally) air conditioned hotel rooms.

  7. This is epic! The food looks beautiful and delicious. Actually my favourite thing about Vietnam was the food. Nice!

  8. 6:15 Oooh yes the food was great! The whole table full with different plates and bowls, full of real Vietnamese Food, not only PHO, this noodle soup is hanging out of my ears already. And because I was on a bus tour we drank much more of the "happy water" than 1 shot 😀 We had a home stay at the village mayor's house and he was extremely friendly and generous. We had a lot of fun! And NO hangover next morning.

  9. you know this guys
    they also do great Drone footage!
    sometimes I wish I was a young man and could drive a motorbike.

  10. Hi Alexander. Awesome video! In which month did you do this amazing loop? And would you recommend doing the loop during this time of the year?

  11. I actually did the loop a few days ago too! I might have actually passed you at one time haha. It’s so beautiful isn’t? It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen 😍

  12. Omg I watched your videos before I started my trip to get any tips and I love your videos and right now I’m in ha giang too and it’s so funny.

  13. We just got back from a two month SE Asia trip, and the Ha Giang Loop was without a doubt the highlight. We met an English guy who very well might still be doing the loop. By the time we left Vietnam, he had been exploring every road for over a month.

  14. Have been traveling thru Europe for the last 2 months. Flying to Bali this Sunday to begin 6 months of touring SE Asia. Have enjoyed your vids and pulling as much info as possible from them. Please keep 'em coming. Enjoy!

  15. Vietnam is a great country to travel. I did the center and down south. Forecast was too bad to do the north. Had enough of cold and rain and mountains and no beaches in Laos. Vietnam is changing. It s time to go while it still nice and affordable especially for the south. A big down side about the south, never saw so much plastic garbage in the sea and on the beaches. Was an eye opener. Plastic pollution is not a joke in some parts of the world and Vietnam is the worst for SE Asia. Hundreds of fishing boats throwing their garbages overbord every day don t help. I hope some day you will travel outside the beaten paths and make me say wow, that s where i m going next…………But that would surprise me a lot….

  16. I will be heading to Vietnam after the Philippines and I cannot wait to do this! I just finished the Thakek Loop in Laos. I highly recommend if you haven’t done it already!


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