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for more Halo 4 free to play alternatives. Check what full games you can download for your PC that have similar gameplay mechanics and features.

On this episode of CloneAttack we suit up and head into the future with Halo 4. We take a look at what features make Halo 4 so fun and take a look at some free to play options that give players the same type of meaty gun-play found in both cooperative campaigns and competitive environments players have come to expect from the Halo franchise.

CloneAttack aims to offer viewers insight into the best free-to-play alternatives to your favorite buy to play games. Check what free games you can download today for your PC that have similar features, gameplay mechanics, and visuals to all the upcoming and latest releases! While there may not be exact clones, some exciting features have been duplicated in other titles. This show takes a look at the free to play games currently on the market that offer some of those same specific features even if the games are in totally different genres! Until next time what new upcoming titles would you like to see some alternative for? Let us know.

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  1. I have been searching for a halo alternative and I think this is the best so far. Plus they are all free to play

  2. I don't know why, but the New Unreal Tournament that you can get from the Epic Games Launcher really reminds me of Halo. I think it's because of the fact that you can pick up random weapons all over the place, and the CTF mode is very similar to the CTF mode in Halo 3.

  3. People really don't understand, the PC gamer's deserve so much more respect…We can actually go into a server of our choosing, we can use mods, we take so much shit for some reason, and etc.

  4. The sound design and gameplay feeling of Firefall's melee attack – especially using the Dreadnaught suit – is sooooo Halo. That game is like Halo with mudcrabs, dark elves, more players around you than Destiny, more things to do than Destiny, with a light borderlands glaze, and a bit of chopped Morrowind dashed across the maps.

  5. For everyone looking for Halo PC . there is a Russian game called halo online. The game is from Russia but it is in English and it is pretty much halo 4 but for PC. It is like a halo game just made for a mouse and keyboard.

  6. Not helpfull at all… Sry to say it, but where is the download file button in the page you say ine the description?


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