HALONG BAY TOUR | Day Trip Cruise from Hanoi 2020


Day 32- Took a Halong bay 1 day tour cruise from Hanoi, Vietnam. We booked a 1 day trip with Dragon King Cruises and it was an amazing experience. The cruise we booked was among one of the cheapest and highest rated for the experience.

We found it at a travel agency in Hanoi and it fit all of our needs and budget. We were able to go from Hanoi to Halong Bay and experience a lot of what Halong Bay had to offer for only 35$, in my opinion that is a steal because Ha Long Bay is on of the most beautiful places in the world.

We did many activities in the tour among some of my favorites which were kayaking an underwater cave, exploring sung sot cave, and hiking titop island for some amazing views atop a mountain. Overall really great experience and one of my favorite days in Vietnam.


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  1. $35? How did you score that deal? I just checked their website and the one day cruise to Ha Long Bay is $60 and that doesn't include kayaking. Also, your description at the end sounds as if it was $35 for you and your whole group of 5…I'm guessing you meant $35 for each person in your group of 5 right? Cool video but you need to clear up the confusion with pricing and options because it's odd that only a year later the price has doubled…..

  2. Hey! Did you book this tour through your hotel or through a website? If it was a site, whats the link? THANK YOU!

  3. Hi guys it's really a fun video to watch .anyone out there can recommend or is it possible for me to book one day tour to halong bay from halong itself .thank you

  4. You are the man in these travel streets 😂😂. You find the best places. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.


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