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An extraterrestrial world resides right here on Earth, in the mysterious depths of central Vietnam. It’s called the Hang Tien cave, a bucket list adventure travel destination!

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Do you believe in fairytales? The Hang Tien cave in Vietnam will surely make you believe in such mythological miracles. The Hang Tien cave is one of the top must-see places around the world and an exploratory adventure here is a bucket list experience.

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About the cave and tour:
The Hang Tien cave tours begin with crossing a hill to enter the primitive jungle; here you will admire the beauty of nature through all senses, watching the majestic limestone mountains or by learning about the special ecosystem of Cao Quang commune. Descending into the stream bed, the journey to the cave entrance becomes more and more challenging and exciting when passing a huge rocky slope; and finally the cave entrance appears in the middle of the vast jungle, like a worthy prize for those who took the challenge head on. Hang Tien, which means cave of fairies in Vietnamese, has the unreal nature beauty that Vietnam cave tours rarely have. Passing through the cave entrance, the stunning landscapes will make you believe the myths about fairies visiting this cave while the magnificent scenery continues to enchant you. The vast corridors, amazing karst formations shaped like terrace rice fields, combined with the high-pitched dome illuminated by the sun’s rays are some of the gorgeous natural wonders you’ll encounter.You will feel tiny while lost in the world of giants.
A fresh, natural swimming pool and outstanding campsite in the middle of the jungle awaits explorers at the end of the day. It is also a great place to relish the refreshing water, relaxing after a long day of adventurous exploration; or just unwind at the jungle campsite, sipping on a cup of coffee by the riverside.
Tất cả những kỳ quan tuyệt đẹp đến mê hoặc của Hang Tiên, hệ thống hang động Tú Làn – Việt Nam đang mời gọi bạn đến khám phá.

Các nhà thám hiểm sẽ băng rừng, lội suối, băng qua những rặng đá độc đáo, trải nghiệm cảm giác đu dây mạo hiểm trong hang, khám phá Hang Tiên và cắm trại ở bên con sông xanh ngắt màu ngọc bích trong các hành trình từ 1 đến 3 ngày đến Hang Tiên.
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About Oxalis Adventure:
Oxalis Adventure Tours provides high quality, cave and jungle adventure tours from 1 to multi days in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam. Whether you prefer long treks, camping in a cave, sleeping under the stars in the tent in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, or just taking an exploratory day trip, Oxalis Adventure Tours can provide the right amount of adventure just for you. We only use the best brands of safety equipment at an international-standard. We are still the best adventure tour company in Vietnam.

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