Hanoi street view in 4k – Vietnam capital city


See the most realistic and lively street view of Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam in high-quality 4K video. The latest 4k video about Hanoi is made on the last days of May 2019.

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  2. I'm Thai. But i really love Hanoi,, last 3 years i've been there in Hanoi for 4 days by college trip.. this place still being in my mind!. I have such a good experience there, ones is i'm trying to learn Vietnamese language by talking to everyones i've met and i try to communicate with a security men at the hotel,, he is so kindly even he can't speak english any more but we use hands language and smile to exchange our feeling. And again beside the lake before we leave,, me and my friends drop down the bus to buy a souvenir which is lace necklace with an old guy his ages might be around 50-60 years old,, well, we introduce ourselves that we are students from Thailand and spend a bit time to select the one we want to buy, in the same time we talking to ask him to know each others and this city,, a few time later we became as a friends and he invite us to sit a bit longer cuz he will give us some drink.. for our friendship then he walked away and comeback with beer OMG"that make me feel like i'm completely in love with this city as my country BKK" But he have no time enough because the college bus is waiting for us. So we just say good bye n give a hug to him and say see you again.. Just wise to see him again one days.. Hope to be there again in this coming time. Sorry for a long essay! Xinjao😉

  3. Ô nhiễm tiếng ồn kinh khủng… ở những nước khác họ ít giùm còi, còn VN còi liên tục.

  4. cứ đà này thì dân tỉnh như e chắc ko dám mơ nhà hà nội :(((( giá cứ trên trời ấy làm cả 20-30 năm cũng chả mua đc

  5. Kondisi lalu lintasnya sama seperti di Indonesia. Banyak sepeda motor. Dan banyak juga yang nerobos lampu merah.

  6. TRAIFFIC IS SO………….BUT comparing to 90's, vietnam has developed a lot.
    It looks almost as developed as taiwan, ,without motorcycles and signs it is hard to tell one from the other.

  7. 0:21 wait !! was that guy driving on the wrong side of the road ? Wow i thought this only happens in Iraq !! No but seriously Vietnam is very beautiful !

  8. Xe hơi ngày càng nhiều do người dân giàu lên quá nhanh nên nâng cấp đường hoặc cấm xe máy vào trung tâm nếu như vậy thì tắt đường như BK không còn xa


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