In this vlog I document my journey from Hanoi to Sapa, taking the overnight train to Lao Cai from Vietnam’s capital city.






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Track: TFLM – Lost in Your Eyes (feat. Anja)

Cameras Used:
– Canon Powershot G7x
– iPhone 7

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  1. Wow I was totally absorbed into the video. Thought I was in Sapa seeing everything "live" though actually I am miles away in Malaysia. Will be doing similar way when I have the opportunity to visit Sapa. It would be train ride from Hanoi to Lao Cai, bus ride to Sapa etc. Thanks for sharing

  2. i took a sleeper bus. it was pristine clean, ac, crazy driver, lol. paid 185k, so if you're on a very tight budget, its worth noting. i'm 6'4 and it was still ok. Not great, but i did find ways to get comfortable still. Plus travel is one thing where ill always take the cheapest possible option, if i can.

    was there sept, 2019, and there were no shortage of westerner tourists. Also found a cooking class ran by a westerner living there. Good shit.

    13:24 i rode a bike through that with bags and a guy on the back haha! And one even WORSE road too. fun times.

  3. omg this noise in the waiting room, on the platform, in the train would kill me. I have already headaches just from watching this. and no elevators to the platforms? thank you but no thank you, the bus is faster and cheaper and more comfortable and you arrive in Sapa not in Lao Cai. The Expressway is quite all the time running along the river and the landscape is nice. Take the bus the day over and you will be more happy. 385 000 plus 30 000 for the bus, plus scam Taxi for 200 000 !!!! – I paid about 260 000 with pickup from the Hotel. That was a mistake my friend.

  4. I took the overnight train between Hanoi and Danang (SE1) and found it to be very much like the one you were on. I was cool with sharing the soft sleeper but my husband, not so much. LOL The train trip was amazing and the food they sold on the train was simple but tasted fantastic! The only bad thing was the washroom… about halfway into the trip, it started getting almost unusable for a woman and the smell… well, that was an experience LOL BUT… I'd do it again in a heartbeat! I'm convinced that traveling by train is the only way to go in Vietnam, although we also did the overnight bus to Saigon (that wasn't so much fun).

  5. o have anyone tried the overnight train from bangkok to chiangmai, that is very modern and clean and comfortable too.

  6. Cold in Nov, 10'C a few years ago – was unprepared, so suffered a bit. A few weeks later, it snowed. So it was a cold year. But beautiful place. Great reminder.

  7. Enjoying your videos, I will be traveling to north Vietnam in September I am curious to hear more about the weather, rain and appropriate clothing (synthetic for quick drying?). Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Great video Jason. If you can ride a motorcycle from Hanoi to Sapa via Yen Bai – Mu Cang Chai – Sapa route than you are literally in heaven as that route has over 120 kms of twisties. I just finished the ride, but train sounds great, might take train with my son.

  10. Thank you Jason. This was exactly what initially wanted to find out and your video simply explains it. I have got couple of questions that if I want to trek to the mountain ⛰, Fansipan. How much time do I need to invest from Hanoi to get there and back? Do you know any reliable local guide or company that I can hire a guide to Fansipan?

  11. Which company did you use (sorry I can't see it in your video)? All the companies I have checked online are ~us$30-35 so much more than yours

  12. During this Vietnam Trip of yours i was in Bangkok, Thailand… thank you so much for your blogg and i have some ideas about your travel in Hanoi, Vietnam… This coming Feb. 2020 its my 1st visit in Saigon…

  13. I'm going to Hanoi and Hue, and the bay area around Hanoi. I definitely sweat a lot, and i will need to get my clothes washed every 3-4 days or so.

  14. Question; where do you get your clothes washed at? With all the humidity and hot weather, i would imagine your clothes are full of sweat on a daily basis.

  15. I really hate that kind of travel in the train , in those countries to travel 3 class is always the better choice .

  16. Jason, thx for the great vedio,
    btw u bought the train ticket at railway station? or travel agency? saw the price start fr $36 fr website, pls advise

  17. I am planning to visit sapa in next January, this is such a very helpful video. Keeping up with your great work. Thanks

  18. Where is the Ga HaNoi located ? Very nice video . I actually went to sapa 2004. Lots of good memories about the place and the people but I hated the ride on our big bus very scary to me .

  19. @9.54 in the video , guy in grey jacket and glasses , am sure that is my friend from Buon Ma Thuot , Nguyen van Canh , he goes to SAPA to search for new orchids 🙂 Very interesting .

  20. You can book online train ticket from here: https://www.kingkongvn.com/transfers/hanoi-sapa-train/
    There are top 5 train to go from Hanoi to Sapa and back

  21. Hi Jason, please do more A->B / transit videos – it's very useful to know how you got to/from places you're vlogging about.


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