Hanoi Travel Guide – Weekends in Hanoi


Hanoi is perhaps one of the most underrated cities in all of Asia. There’s so much this amazing city has to offer and it’s the perfect city for a weekend getaway. Follow along as I give you the best tips and advice to make your Hanoi stay a memorable one.

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  1. please please please tell me the name of the instrumental/song that start on 11:49, I'm going to Vietnam and id love to make a video with this song

  2. Why didn't I find this gem of a video for so long. Amid a paraphernalia of vlogs on same-old, cliched touristy stuff, this subtle, but vibrant, narrative on Hanoi stands out. Allan, you introduce us to Hanoi like no else and piqued our curiosity as we give last minute touch to our itinerary for Vietnam. Thank you for this video. 🙂 👍

  3. ive been there twice now and your video is honest , the best parts and food, beer ect is outside the old quarter, great place to visit or live

  4. Great video I really enjoyed watching this reminds me of a chilled documentary more than a normal travel video

  5. Dirty, corrupt officials, noisy. I suggest you not to visit Hanoi. It was a terrible experience for me in Hanoi.

    Am besten auf Hanoi verzichten!

  6. My favorite thing about this video is how beautiful it is to watch. You've clearly put a lot of effort into grading, visual effects, and scoring. It really makes a difference. Love the use of maps too. One question I had that you didn't address is how easy it is to get around using English. Given that your audience is largely English speakers, this seems like a question worthy of addressing.

  7. Vietnam is really great. I have never seen Vietnam like this. Often people think of bad things here. But when I listened to this video, I found Vietnam so beautiful. Thanks Allan Su!

  8. Hanoi Train Street: The Old Quarter section this has cafes, homestay and shops along the tracks. Enter Hanoi Street Train into Google Maps and you’ll find two sections to explore either side of Tran Phu main road.

  9. Going to Ha Noi next week… thanks for this great video. Looks lkie Bia Hoi is just around the corner from my hotel.

  10. Hanoi one of my dream cities to go to, it look so cool there, it's so different from where I live but gotta be real here I'm pretty terrified bu the traffic

  11. Intro is a bit too long for my taste and the overuse of effects gave me a headache. Some good info here though.

  12. This is my first time coming across your channel & believe me it's awesome… Please keep coming up… Cheers to you …!!!

  13. I love it, Love video and love you!
    vietnam motorcycle tours loop bike tours so great, I just had a tour to hanoi last week

  14. What a great, helpful video. So many videos are about self portraits and face time, so yours is a breath of fresh air. I stopped the video about 25 times so I could take notes…thank you!!!

  15. Thanks for the video! However I found it a bit difficult to hear you over the background music. Especially the part where you recommended where to stay at 4:37, I wish I could figure out what you said.

  16. Excellent review! I'm heading to Hanoi in a few weeks and really appreciate the insight. What are your thoughts on eating herbs with pho? Does dunking them in the brother necessarily rid them of contaminants? I'm from Canada and eat Asian cuisine regularly, just trying to avoid any digestive distress!

  17. Very good! Catching the real essence of the city, here Hanoi (one of the most interesting i SE-Asia). Not the ordinary travelvlogs, where some (western) "vloggers" walking around with cameras on a selfie-stick, mostly taking pictures of themselves when trying to describe a place.


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