How To Set Up The MailMunch Plugin For Email Pop Up Landing Pages


In this video I’ll show you how to set up the WordPress plugin, MailMunch to generate a email pop up on your landing page.

We will be using a free MailMunch account to create the pop up and redirect people who give us their email address to a Thank You page. You could just as easily redirect them to a coupon page if you so choose.

Visit our site, Seller Coupons Pro to watch the video there and learn more about how we can help Amazon sellers distribute Amazon Single Use coupon codes (or Shopify users) through a funnel we set up.

… What we’re using the pop up for …

Our funnel software is called Seller Coupons Pro. It’s 2 WordPress plugins:

– LPG Pro
– Coupons Pro

Which will automatically create a landing page to send ads traffic to and a coupon page you can upload coupons to. It’s designed for Amazon sellers to distribute coupon codes but it can really be used for any website to distribute coupon codes.

You can use Single Use codes or Group codes.

This is the pop up we are creating for the landing page we are sending ads traffic to.

Are you an Amazon seller and want to distribute single use coupon codes through the use of outside traffic?

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