Huanan "Dual X79" Motherboard Review


As soon as I heard Huanan was making a dual-socket version of their x79 motherboard, I knew I had to get one. Six weeks later, what exactly did I get myself in to?

So, is this Chinese motherboard worth getting?

But first… What am I drinking???

Full Sail (Hood River, OR) Harrington’s Bourbon Barrel Aged R3D Ale (2017). As the name implies, this is a bourbon-aged Red. And honestly, I was expecting a little more from this one. Very malty up front, but then the flavor just kind of flattens out and fades into a very boozy finish. This one was just kind of ‘meh’ for me. 10.3%

Check out the DeepCool Gammax GT CPU cooler:
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Samsung 16GB ECC/REG DDR3-1600 DIMM:
EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 80+ Gold PSU:

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  1. I'm building one like these for machine learning.. would like to know if there is some estimation on power consumption for the motherboard.. I'm in short budget

  2. Awesome video as always.
    Question: What would you recommend for a inexpensive dual CPU board for a home server? We have a very big house hold that will be using the server at the same time. Streaming movies, file transferring, and some steam content as well.

  3. Nice video thanks!
    One question not related to the content – how are you able to screen capture the Win 10 boot sequence and bios? Did you set up a good camera or use a program?

  4. Mr.Craft, the reason the motherboard is being weird is because you don't have the cmos battery on it yet! They remove the battery upon shipping!

  5. Thank you for the video can you post the motherboard you selected for this build, since it is verified to work I would like to get the exact model and it is not listed in your comments below the video and I dont see it on your amazon store link.

  6. Have you seen the "Dual X99" boards that have started popping up on sites? I'm curious how they perform, though that would use DDR4 instead of DDR3

  7. After having bought many parts on Ebay and having my CC locked by my bank to sit and wait for a replacement, I'm not a fan of ordering anything direct from China. That being said, I want to build a server. Would this be a bad option? I don't think so. I am not a fan of OC, so that doesn't matter. I want to be able to pull video shots from my home security camera box and store. Faster CPUs and memory might have been an option, so long as you build for long lasting effect (3-4 years). MB videos like this are still a good thing to examine best bang for the buck!

  8. Hello! Sorry but myoral english comprehension is a bit bad, so i'd ask here, what kind of xeon could this cpu mount, and if i can use this mobo to sli two gtx 1070 ti, i'm interested in making a gaming setup matching the cpu total cores with the ones of high end gaming cpus, and i'm really interested also in the ddr3 ram slots, because i have a 4x4gb 1600ghz ddr3 ram, and i'd like to implement other two of the same model, is this possible? i know it could be better buyng a 12x4gb 1600ghz ddr3 ram, but i read that i could also try the other way, is it true? Thanks 😀

  9. All i wanna know is if this kind of PC Build can let you play Star Citizen 😛 Can anyone answer me plz ?

  10. The two Xeon CPUs get the same r15 score as my i9 9900k on 5.2ghz. Its a pretty high score. Its a little bit sad that the system needs 16 cores and 32 threads for it, but its 100-200$ cheaper and that makes a nerd happy xD I mean i dont need a system like this, but how often you see a dual socket system? So this will be my next project ^^

    Btw some r15 scores of my i9 to compare with the dual socket system
    5ghz: 2089
    5.2ghz: 2209
    Singlecore 5ghz: 215
    Never does a stock singlecore run, sorry

  11. February/March 2020 now, so 15 months since this video was published, and I'm genuinely considering getting this to start a homelab. Was looking at Dell R720 and similar, planning on dual Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge, 12 or 16 cores, low-ish power (<100W), with two GPUs to run two Windows VMs with GPU passthrough for video editing, rendering, some light gaming (read: Magic the Gathering Arena, lol) and maybe a couple other VMs for network services, web hosting, etc.; but the cost here in the UK for an R720 is prohibitive to me, especially when compared to the US cost… US$300 there (~£230), but it costs £400 here? Pfft… I ended up looking at a used SuperMicro 2U with a X9DRi-F board spec'd out at under £300, but the 2U form factor unfortunately imposes half-height GPUs, and I can't find a 3U equivalent or one with risers at a decent price for me.

    Just came across these same Chinese "dual X79" boards on eBay for under £100, so will price it out with what I want and see if it's worth it — my only question now is whether to try bothering with RAID 5 or not, if hardware RAID is even feasible on a consumer board like this one.

  12. Hi Jeff love you video and i want to get this board too,but it seams i can't find a good case for it,i was thinking about a "be quiet base 801 window" but i'm not sure can you please help me on this,atm i am doing systems using all "be quiet" cases and would like to stay with them Thank you p.s if you want my email i can give it to you in a pm

  13. When talking about price, you might use second-hand servers from Ebay as a comparison. And being a quiet server seems to me to be a possible use case: rack-mounted servers are noisy whereas a server you build yourself can be much quieter.

  14. Hi, Great video, I buy this lmotherboard but i'm facing an issue. I connected a GTX1050TI on it (and tryed with a 1060) but my screen stay black. have you encounter this kind of issue or have you an idea on how to resolve that?

  15. so this would work with blender just fine with no lag cause im looking to build one for workstation using blender 2.82?

  16. I managed to get a DELL Precision T5600 (dual socket LGA-2011) workstation for free (legitimately!!!) when it was decommissioned at work; included an 825W power supply, 32GB REEC 1600 DDR3 RAM in quad channel, and 2xE5-2667 (2 x 6C:12T). I added a new 240GB SSD ($60), a single use WIN10 Pro license ($12), a GTX970 OC ($120 last year), and upgraded the CPU-s to 2xE5-2689's (2 x 8C:16T) which all core turbo to 3.3Ghz! Consistently manages over 2200 in CB R15. Basically, after selling the 2xE5-2667's ($70), the total investment came to $122. A decent 1080P med gaming machine and a solid workhorse. The only possible downside…the neighborhood lights dim slightly when I run a benchmark.

  17. 6 months isn't even that long for aliexpress, i once bought a cheap multimeter that took 6 months to ship, it took so long that by the time it arrived a year has passed…

  18. hi
    thank a lot for this video.
    if your motherboard support IOMMU for PCI passthrough (GPU to direct VM)
    i would like to buy HUANANZHI-X79-16D IOMMU


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