Laravel 5.4 Tutorial | Why & How to use | Part 25 and 1/2 | Bitfumes


Laravel 5.4 Learn and know Why and how to use for checking your email system on your localhost.
No need for gmail smtp

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  1. reset link is creating without 8000, http://localhost/password/reset/bee01ed5c0b51975475006c95778f8087f85951eeaad61a95fcc21702a75ae79,
    i have to write in search bar 8000 between the reset link to get the reset page, how to get link with alredy 8000

  2. now i got this error : Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "c124ad4a1eb90b" using 3 possible authenticators.
    Ya know anyway to solve it ?

  3. Hello, your video helped me a lot. thanks. Now can you help me with something?
    I have a form where the user writes his name, email, phone number, etc and I want to send all that information by email.
    A little help, please

  4. hi sir can you make a blog project, because of i am learning each and every thing in this tutorial and your explanation is very well sir

  5. Hi sir ankur, is it possible to work if i will put

    and use these 3 configuration like


  6. Can you post a link any video you have that covers pusher and laravel 5.4? Cuz I did it myself and I'm getting error 404, so I figured you'll have clear video on it that I can learn from. Thank you 😊

  7. how can i create multiple project in single laravel,bcz i don't want to delete my previous project.plz tell me

  8. You are God sent. I now understand a lot of things in laravel clearly.
    All the videos are simple and very educative. I practiced along and all went well. I'll continue to watch out for new videos on facebook. Thanks again.

  9. sir. can you give me tutorial to save multiple input data? i follow you tutorial in part 1 and end in part 25.
    But i cant have multiple insert data, i look tutorial in many web, but it not same and make me confused. Pleas
    Key change data to array whatever this, i'm confused 😢.

  10. I have been hopping from video to video all over Youtube and even Laracasts for a decent tutorial on Laravel, until I found yours. Your tutorials are absolutely incredible, like thenewboston quality incredible. Thank you so much!


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