Mailer Daemon & Lincoln Davis – Eli 2010 (Ft. Sophie Lowe & Alycia Debnam Carey)


Song by Lincoln Davis, Remix by Mailer Daemon. Directed and Produced by Hugo O’Connor. Cinematography by Zoë White. Edited by Jose Luis Fernandez.

” A Collaborative Psychedelic-Folk-Dub Journey ” featuring the talents of South-African born, Sydney bred – singer songwriter Lincoln Davis; alongside the future-minded dub production maestro, Mailer Daemon.

A symbiotic fusion of sonic worlds as the soul and emotion of Davis’ musical narrative is transposed into a transcendental dub paradigm. A journey of 3 acts, this psychedelic-folk trip takes the listener into the stratosphere and back — all in the context of a 3-and-a-half-minute pop song.

But the collaborative story does not end there, as film director Hugo O’Connor paints the visual adventure of “Eli’ with the talent of rising-star actress Sophie Lowe of ‘Beautiful Kate’ Fame and Alycia Debnam Carey. Check out for more info.

Mailer Daemon has been your favourite Sydney superhero for a little while now, He’s been a resident DJ around the city in a few places. He’s been a valued guest at a number of incredible nights. He’s made a habit of dropping big bangers into radio stations every so often just so our airwaves stay high quality and pepped up. He is incredibly charismatic when he hosts his sound system. He has an ear like no other. He’s also Australia’s Remix King, after Miami Horror’s sad precipitious slide into irrelevance. So, we’re clear? Mailer Daemon’s great? Great. The Reason we needed to clear all of that up is because Mailer Daemon has a new video that he’s put together with Lincoln Davis. The track is a(nother) massive banger and if you get the chance to catch it (or were at the 243 King St show last week) you can rest easy. Wonderful stuff.

Drum Media, October 2010


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  1. I still watch this constantly trying to figure out the meaning and I still have no clue… but the visuals and the song is so calming for some reason… I have no clue why

  2. Damn great! In confuses me a lot but dude!!! Hopeful for part.2 man! Great music, great cinematography. Everything is amazing. 👏

  3. Everytime I listen this song I need to watch this video… I think I'm going crazy.
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