So we finally leave the town of Sapa in Northern Vietnam and decide to take the Green Bus back to Hanoi 🤨
We have heard that this service is really good and its only a 6 hour journey, so we thought we should give it a try.
Watch and share your thoughts in the comments we love to read what you think.👍


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  1. I would never go to Vietnam. They are still Communist. Another Italian vlogger I was following went to the War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City and made a video. The museum is very one sided against the Americans making the N Vietnamese, Vietnam Cong looking good. I’m a Veteran and thought the video was inappropriate for all audiences. I unsubscribed.

  2. I have been to Nha Trang , Vietnam once. From my experience, there was no quality of service over there,full of scammers like you had. At least I will never go there again.

  3. Please do forgive me…but I laughed all the way through this video of your Green Bus journey. Your non-stop complaining was hilarious, especially when remembering the one and only thoroughly miserable Greyhound Bus trip I ever took. Love, love, love all your videos! Can't wait to see China.

  4. That bus journey would have finished me, way too claustrophobic for my liking so big kudos for keeping it together and not loosing it 👍

    Sorry that you’ve had such a disappointing time in Sapa, hopefully things will get better from here on

  5. Sadly as I get older I need a little more comfort and I get it. I honestly don’t know how the middle rows don’t fall off. Tourist trap(ped) on the yoga bus and the driver gets free food from the riders as well as the pit stop

  6. I think I would have skipped that bus ride until after the restaurant opened up, at least have some grub before starting out.

  7. It did not look fun at all for you, and when the woman said no smelly food, I thought she said no smelly feet. And gee to charge just to use the dunny, I would have pee'd in the bushes around the back hehe.

  8. Oh dear me. 😦 How they think people are going to eat "SMELLY" food lying down is a bit beyond daft, but all those rules, no this, no that. Sheesh. Maybe that guy who moved the bottles has been hit in the back off the head with one, a few times too many. I can't think why. Lol. I would have swore alot more than you did Steve, or maybe it was just editing. Lol. Glad that bus trips all over for you both. Looking forwards to Hanoi. Take care you 2. ❤🙂🐶

  9. Same stop to eat with a van but we could eat in the van… Private van are the Best to long trip
    Worst nightmare for a cat lover… People selling kitten in Sa pa…

  10. Awe I’m so sorry you haven’t had the best experience there Steve 🙁 it’s a shame, but I do hope the rest of your stay becomes a little better foe you and Michelle. Lol at the personalities of a plank of wood.

  11. I don’t think I would have like that mode of transportation. Nevertheless I found them on TripAdvisor, and almost all the reviews were excellent (12).
    Best to always take the private van.

  12. We booked on another bus service (Hanson Hai) where we could lay down flat and had plenty of room however it was double the price of your Green Bus also when we arrived at Sapa at 4am (probably because he was speeding all the way 😮) we were kicked off the bus and had to sit in the bus terminal for a couple of hours because it was raining and couldn't get in contact with our hotel 😂. Going back we went to the same truck stop didn't bother eating anything there unfortunately

  13. Michelle.. oh how I've missed that beautiful lass. 😍😍🙆‍♀️ At least you're out of the nightmare, but goodness heavens.. my heart and anxiety sympathy went out to you both on that bus. Especially with miseryguts driving you. I'm just grateful you both are well, and going on, joyfully, to better dear friends! 👏👏💋💋

  14. Really good mate – it was very interesting and educational to watch your warts and all green bus experience .

  15. I once travelled across the island of Flores in a cramped mini bus with goats for pillows and chickens for company. Surprisingly comfortable, if a little pongy. Of course, the other passengers and the driver were what made the trip enjoyable.

  16. That's terrible, I think this is what they do to travelers, take advantage. Shit food and they are eating good, that sucks. Seems like all they care about is MONEY, customer service is crap apparently all over Vietnam. Remember the shop vendors on thier cell phones? Wow.. Bad

  17. 15:55 Haha! Did you forget to beep that one out, Steve? 😉

    Hopefully you are having a better time in Hanoi before you travel onwards to China. I bet you are both very excited to visit China for the first time! Make sure you don't just visit populated urban areas – you will probably get a better experience of the real China by visiting rural areas and local villages. It's the same reason why I don't recommend people just visit the City of London if they're travelling to the UK for tourism: we have so much to offer here with the many national parks, rustic villages (particularly in the Yorkshire Dales) and many beautiful, quiet coastal towns.


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