Our experience using World Nomads on a trip around the world


Travel Insurance Review. World Nomads Review. Need travel insurance explained? Is travel insurance worth it? We hear you! We research world nomads and several other companies before we made our decision.



How does travel insurance work and how to budget for it?

After 10 months on our RTW trip, I can safely say, I’m really happy that purchased travel insurance through World Nomads.

World Nomads Review, and NOT SPONSORED!

How it works: 0:40
Our Experience: 3:29
How to budget: 5:30

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of World Nomads. We were really happy with their product but it might not be the right choice for you. We highly recommend reaching out to several insurance brokers to find the right coverage and price for your individual situation.

Another Disclaimer: Coverage and policy details change based on the individual purchasing insurance. The coverage, experience, and cost are indicative of our specific policy. Make sure to read the fine print on any insurance you maybe be evaluating. In summary: Don’t trust two talking clowns on Youtube for insurance advice.

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  1. Travel insurance is an absolute must but why keep buying the same thing when you aren't even sure it works? At The Aimviva Travel Club we are regular travelers ourselves and built a package including lounge access, roaming data and smart bag tags as well as a comprehensive travel insurance package – that we specced ourselves and we use for our extended family. The best bit about it is – its usually cheaper and certainly no more expensive than other annual plans. www.aimviva.com

  2. Just FYI New Zealand has free no accident insurance (ACC) for everyone traveling within their borders. It covers you for all traumatic accidents free of charge. Non-traumatic medical emergencies like appendicitis and heart attacks are not covered and lost or stolen items are not covered. So you may not need travel insurance if you are visiting New Zealand . . . for everywhere else in the world you need travel insurance.

  3. Wait so the quote that you get is that a one time fee or a monthly fee Im slightly confused this is my first time EVER having to get my own insurance

  4. It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. I guess as an older adult, I'm not doing extreme sports and stuff like that. The one time I've gone to the doctor while traveling for the last year, I've paid $65 including prescriptions. I had dental work done for $250 but that was pre-existing so I'd not get reimbursed for that. And in much of Europe, even as an American, I can use the national healthcare system. I'm traveling with a backpack of not-too-expensive clothes, so the lost bag thing isn't really worth it either for me. I'd just go out and buy some more clothes. It would be worth the cost if I had something extreme happen, I suppose. But I can see that it comes down to what makes people feel at ease and we're all different.

  5. Great video and very informative, but maybe you can answer my question. I've checked other trip/travel insurance policies with different companies. Why is it that World Nomads policy is about $107 dollars while others others are 10x as much? In my research I've seen some companies charging $1000.00 to $1400.00 dollars. Thanks.

  6. Just came back from a trip to Thailand and Vietnam, and was so confused by what a fellow traveler I met was talking about by travel insurance. Super helpful video, thank you!

  7. Hi guys hope you have had a great Christmas and New Years.
    With the world nomads travel insurance did you go with the explorer or standard for your motorbiking trip in Vietnam?

  8. You guys continue to be fabulous. I've referred a few friends planning similar trips to your channel (Vietnam & New Zealand)! Thanks so much for all of this information! 🙂


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