Our First group tour in BALI


Thinking of travelling to Bali? Then we have got your back! We ran our first ever SaltyKing Trips group tour with our friends Nick and Hannah from Salt In Our Hair and it was a HUGE success!!
We had a SICK itinerary planned for everyone and got to stay in some INSANE luxury villas – not to mention the food!! 🤤🍉🍍
Oh lordy lord…
We had SUCH a fantastic time with everyone, so much so, we’ve decided we WILL be doing more tours next year!! 🥳
🥑 New dates are already on the website so make sure to sign up to show your interest – www.saltykingtrips.com 😁
Would love to meet some of you in real life and show you the incredible island of Bali!!

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  1. Yesssss, everyone needs a recharge!
    Producing blogs, vlogs and photos everyday is a hectic lifestyle.
    Bali trip looked epic. Love it!

  2. Thank you guys for giving us a great time, but there is something I must say, on your recommendation my wife and I went over to Wales for a holiday in our we self built campervan, and,,,,, we had an amazing time, beautiful people, beautiful weather, can’t wait to go back, thank you very much

  3. Hi you guys
    My daughter Lola and I love your channel!
    I am in the process of restoring and converting an old 4×4 VW LT. If you like you can check out my Youtube channel or https://www.instagram.com/campervanman.co.uk/ or my blog http://www.campervanman.co.uk
    If you're seriously interested in someone spicing up the interior of Custard then Carsten The Carpenter and I are up for the job. Check out some of his #tinyhome conversions on https://www.facebook.com/Nightingale-Shepherd-Huts-182713678509937/
    Cheers and keep those ace videos coming. Tim (and Lola) x

  4. as ur gonna be doing some upgrades on custard. fella ive started watching on u tube(watch u 2 too lol) has just posted a shower hes developed including hot water which i remember yours was cold heres his name on u tube gone boondocking

  5. You should do a bus tour in Greece. Tons of places to visit and see, very different from each other. From beautiful beaches and little islands to picturesque mountain villages. But please be unique and don't go to Mykonos or Santorini only. Looking forward to seeing here.

  6. Love your videos guys! You should go to Brazil, there are so many amazing cities to go abs explore, I am sure you would love it!!

  7. We love following you guys! Ya'll are so fun! We are currently renovation our school bus and it's such an adventure! We actually had a part in our last video about you guys 🙂

  8. Guys been thinking about your next tour… what about shipping Custard to Canada and doing cost to coast. I especially like the Columbia ice fields section. Although haven't done the far east coast, that's on the planner. Just a thought. 👍🤘🚐❤

  9. Lads lads lads. Halfway through our van conversion… Ernie. You can see progress on
    @onefortheroad_trip on Instagram. “Take it away Ernie. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

  10. Bring Custard to the US!! Do meet ups we want to meet you guys. I’m also renovating a small camper for my family and I! My IG is headcrownarrows . I also have some videos up

  11. You guys are so lovely – makes me believe in a better World – thanks for all your inspiration and positive vibes 💫


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