Part 61 – WordPress Theme Development – Local SMTP Email Server with Mailtrap


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How to build a Premium Theme for WordPress – Lesson 61
Local SMTP Email Server with Mailtrap

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  1. Hey, so it's 2 years later and I'm wondering if changes have been made? I haven't been able to get Mailtrap, WordPress, and localhost working together. The message gets created but nothing gets sent to the Mailtrap account. I even tried using the files directly from the GitHub and only swapping in the snippet from Mailtrap, but still no luck.

  2. hey brother how can we make a activation process like the premium themes in themeforest.I want to say that if i make a premium theme then the user will have to activate the theme to install the demo data.

  3. Hi Alecadd, what's the best way to create/code custom field (similar to ACF plugin fields) ? do you have any lesson about this?

  4. Hi Alex, first thank you for this great tutorials, I have learned so much with you!!! I have a question, that i hope you can help solve: how do i send a confirmation email to the user, now we can send to the admin, but no to the user, i thought to add a cc: but there will be conflict with the reply-to and the body of the message. Thanks

  5. Actually, I enjoyed so much in this series. Really I appreciated your help, Big thank you Alessandro. I like to make another series for build wordpress plugin with database (create tables beside wordpress tables).

    Thank you again

  6. Oh! And one more thing! I'm desperately looking for a way to organize uploaded files! I know WordPress automatically organizes files in folders on a upload-date basis, but I want them to be organized by MIME or even better, I want to be able to categorize and tag my media library items! Just like what I can do with posts!
    Let me put this straight! If you do me the favor and tutor those, you'll never get rid of my further questions 😀 😛

  7. Hi Alex, Just finished episode 6, and as usual, you have been splendid! Doing my best to catch up with the rest of the Episodes.
    Hey I don't know if you have tackled this issue or not, but I'd be grateful if you also tell us how to customize the default category meta-box for the default "Post" post type. You know, I want to make it like a radio button or a drop-down so that only one category can be picked for each Post.
    I know there are plug-ins out there which do the trick! But… as a nerd, just like what you are :P, I can't use something I don't understand! I tried some like "category metabox enhanced" and the likes, but the code was too mysterious to understand!

  8. I'm really appreciat for your tutorial. I have a little request If you don't mind can you please create a tutorial on how to create reset button in setting API and how to create tab system in setting API like other framework for example redux framework. Thanks

  9. Awesome again, didn't expect new video this early. I'm very happy 😀 I hope you will be able to post videos more frequently but I know it's hard because of the job 🙂


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