[PS1] Tokyo Mew Mew: A New Mew Appears! Part 1 (English Sub)


Now that my first Digimon playthrough is finished, I can start on the next project, which is Tokyo Mew Mew for the playstation! This is just the introduction part, so lots of exposition~

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English battle guide!

(From the Tokyo Mew Mew Wiki)
「The game follows the Mew Mews as they meet a lonely girl named Ringo Akai. Her mother is deceased and though she lives with her brother, her only proper friend is her pet penguin Yuki. As the game progresses, Ringo warms up to the Mew Mews and they become good friends.」

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  1. any chance that this has gotten a patch in the last 2 years since this came out? i know a couple people who would love to play this if it were patched.

  2. Hi there, I have the game myself. Do you have a guide for the items and attacks? I know someone had a page like that a long time ago on the internet, but unfortunately, they weren't saved in the internet archives.

  3. Is this game region locked? I bought it but when I tried to play it on my ps2 only audio in Japanese comes up 😭

  4. Oh my god I've been hoping for an English subbed version of this game ever since I finished reading this series a long time ago. (Mostly just for the sake of seeing it) I mean they went on about it in the authors notes in the manga volumes.
    But anyways this is exciting I'm excited.

  5. I remember actually beating this game, didn't get all of the pictures, even though I can't read Japanese. I tried translating it with my Japanese to English dictionary, but gave up. Asked someone who could read Japanese what some of the menu options were, basically just stats. It's nice to actually know what they are saying now, instead of just knowing the few words I know. Thanks for your hard work! Ringo is my favourite Mew Mew, so it will be nice to actually know her personality.

  6. !!!!!
    A subtitled version! It's so nice to finally know what's actually going on instead of guessing…
    Definitely following this


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