Robinson Crusoe – Game Play 1


Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we begin our play through of Robinson Crusoe.

How to play Robinson Crusoe:

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  1. I was wondering why you said words like "far" and "hard" like a Newfie, and then you mentioned you were from PEI. NICE!

  2. i have a question and i can't find a solid answer.
    at 16:00 Friday tried to build the shelter and succeeded. But…
    What if he didn't and he get 2 determination tokens. It is clear he can't rerrol the succes dice he threw that action but can he use those tokens to rerrol the ? dice or the wound dice he rolled in that action?
    In the rulebook they sugest this order: wound >succes> ? mark.
    Can you plz help me out if I can rerrol thse dice or only if friday already had his two tokens. It can be a matter of live and death for friday 😉
    thanks in advance!

  3. You guys forgot on ur first round at the end to take 1 wound to each player… if you do not own a shelter or natural shelter in the night phase. ( must do this check… perhaps mosquitos or terrible sleep or sickness occurs from open elements.)

  4. Don't you need to eat at the end of each round/day? in particular the first round where you skipped the eating and went on with the 2nd round

  5. These vids were amazingly useful for learning this game, I also liked that watch it played is advertised on the side of the box. More game publishers should do this with play though channels.

  6. Thank you!Thank you! This video along with your how to play made this complicated game become easy. Fantastic job and the jokes made it even better! beware of Blue…

  7. Really great video so far – looks fun and challenging! Is the dog not supposed to be there in addition to Friday to help out?

  8. I love the way the camera is always focused on the pertinent part of the board. Great editing work. And the witty banter really helps keep the game interesting. Subscribed fo sho.

  9. I guess You would have to hit yourselves with the wooden stick to warm up since You didn't yet discover fire 🙂

  10. Do you guys come with the game? 😉
    So much fun to watch the two of you!
    Thank you for this, this game will be purchased!

  11. Thanks for the play through. You make it seem a lot easier than I thought it would be because of the rules. A little silly though, but thanks.

  12. Does Friday gets 2 Starting Equipment cards as other characters? Where can I find any information about this in the rulebook?


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