Solo vs Group Travel | Is It Worth Paying for an Organized Tour Service?


Are you debating whether to book your next trip solo or through an organized group travel company like Intrepid or G Adventures? We run through the pros and cons of both approaches so you can determine which is the best option for you.

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  1. I travelled in 6 countries(S.E.A) by myself, but I'm thinking to do a group tour (Europe) due to my lack of direction skills. Group tour is expensive but I think it's worth it.

  2. 1) these are my 2 favorite tour companies because they are Responsible, Sustainable and give back to the local communities. That is one of my top reasons why I would choose to support them first before looking into any others. ( you forgot to mention that)

    2) Having said that, I have yet to experience either one of these, but I plan to. – So yes, I will but I am on the older crowd side and don't qualify for the rustic trips for the younger crowd (unfortunately because a would love to stay in a (glass) windowless hut on a beach any day!

    3) I am used to doing travel planning all by myself and try to travel on a shoestring. However, never traveled alone. I always had a friend to do travel with. Now its not that easy to find a friend who has the same time off as yourself, so I would probably prefer a small tour than go completely alone. Yeah, cuz that is kind of boring.

    4) Cost/convenience/ hassle : Sometimes you look at a tour package and think "Woah! that is so expensive! overpriced! , I can do it so much cheaper." But could you really? Nickels and dimes add up. And if you really priced it out – apples to apples, you may find that there either isn't much of a difference, and even may be cheaper If a tour company did all the work for you and carried the responsibility on their shoulders and not yours. So, its a toss up. If you love the research and love spending hours and hours putting everything together, like airport transfers, tours, your whole itinerary, and you really value your freedom. by all means, go for it. Personally I would do my own thing but do it with a friend or family member (they actually are my most fun friends!) But if I didn't have a companion, I would go on a tour. Solo traveler not traveling solo.

    5) Safety/Security – Ladies, example countries like Egypt. Do you really want the hassle? the stares? The men coming up to you again and again offering something.. Not to mention it really isn't safe. And then, Can you speak the language? There are places where NO ONE speaks English, I mean not a lick. (side note, my daughter has been in Egypt for the past month and will probably be there for another month. She is staying at a friend's family home in central Cairo. Her friend is a guy and his mother insists that she not go anywhere alone, even when she wanted to get an Airbnb, they (the whole extended family 😂) were too worried for her that she decided to continue to stay with them. At first, she felt constrained because she is so independent and was frustrated that she couldn't just go out for a run on her own. But it wasn't frustration with the family. It was actually true. She is cool with it now. ) So, Ladies think twice about going places that may be a bit more dangerous for women. Its a cultural thing. That being said, Europe? NO problem. You can go solo without a hitch. Actually anywhere in the world that is a relatively safe country is fine. Australia, New Zealand, etc… there are many places where you really don't need a tour for safety, only if you want the convenience of having someone else take care of everything.

    Hope I answered your questions. Great video by the way. Thanks for it.

  3. Great video! 😊I did Central America with G Adventures and it was amazing! I totally agree with your pros and cons (though we didn't have much drama, which is really good considering we were travelling together for 1 month), but ultimately the pros won out for me. There was so much I ended up doing that I wouldn't have without the tour- either because I wouldn't have known about it or it wouldn't have appealed to me without deeper investigation eg. doing a cave tour of ATM in Belize or climbing a volcano in Guatemala. On the tour they had people visit our hostel to discuss these activities in more depth so we could make an informed decision. Plus, I just felt so much safer! Even when I went out to do things on my own (we had quite a lot of freedom during the days) I knew if anything happened to me or I went missing, someone would notice and raise the alarm. Privacy is a big thing for me and I am someone who needs alone time, which can be hard on group tours, but I still found time to do it. Admittedly really long group tours can be a bit draining for people who aren't super social (like me), but I found it was just about setting boundaries and pushing yourself to take those few hours here and there where you just rested up on your own and did nothing. Even people who were very social had to do that at times. There are certain places I will never go in a group tour (E.g Europe because it is pretty easy to travel through and I feel confident/comfortable with how things work), but a group tour is a really great option for places that are a little more out of my comfort zone 😊.

  4. Thanks man for this helpful video! Been researching all over the net but you helped me narrow down what to do. It was when you mentioned solo travel good if your going to visit few places or it’s walking distance vs. using group tours if you want to see more further away places. Excited to try G Tours for first time!

  5. Last year I travelled with TrekAmerica. It was awesome. They have really small groups (about 5-10 people, maximum is 13). So it was all really personal. This year I think about going to NZ with Gadventures… some people just told me that the groups are really big and it isnt personal at all… it is just always the same with each group… now I dont know… is Gadventures a good way to travel with young people (I am 19) ??

  6. I am solo traveller as well. Agree with what you said. Also want to add, booking anything solo can be tough (even g or interpret). They can ask for solo premium, last min cancellation or changes before trip starts (G adventure, not necessarily bad change but it made me super nervous). When travelling with tour and if you cannot deal with your random snoring mate, it will cost you a lot more to switch room. Lastly, even G adventure is a Toronto founded company, but there are a lot of Australian travellers. I travelled with G and 2/3 of my group are Australian.

  7. Life is too short. Respect each other and enjoy life to the fullest. Remember that tomorrow is a lie. Love each others culture

  8. Have travelled solo and on escorted tours however find listing to all the history of places difficult as I’m not really that interested in history or religion. When I have 5raveled solo I @lways seem to book the Wrong hotels. I’m keen to know which is best

  9. I think the "drama" on a group tour is entirely dependent on the size of the group as well as the age of the people. There is also plenty of privacy, which is what I love about group travel. All in all, I much prefer it. You see WAYYY more of the local culture and sights on a group tour than you ever would on your own. G Adventures is awesome.

  10. Thank you for this. I’m trying to plan a trip next year and would prefer to do a tour group. Only issue is can’t find one for my dream destination 😭

  11. I always prefer solo travel, but every now and than I don't feel comfortable in a specific country alone (such as war torn countries, or countries where solo travel as a woman is dangerous)

  12. Yeah, the negatives of group travel are why I don’t do that more often. I’m planning to take one to Israel and will go with a group (2 are on my list depending on my circumstances)but I will pay extra for single occupancy. I’m there for the trip not to hear someone’s life story (there is one in every group, lol).

  13. I want to start traveling but I don’t have anyone who can go with me due to their careers/families. I’m terrified of traveling alone-where can I find these group at? Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. I'm venturing off to Greece later this year as a solo traveler. I've never been there and have always wanted to go. As a kid, my mother, her sister, a cousin and I spent about 3 weeks on a bus tour of Europe and then a month with a Eurail pass. Very brave of Mom considering this was back in 1973 and English was not spoken that much in Europe! I found an apartment .1 miles from the Acropolis and I plan to spend a long time looking at the ruins and recalling my college history courses. I can do that as a solo traveler. I don't like to be hurried. Tours were just too expensive.

    Right now, I'm planning other things I want to do and see. Anyone ever seen Delphi? I want to, but am unsure of the +$100 price tag. Thanks!! Great video, as always, Ernest!

  15. I like to travel solo!
    It gives me FREEDOM! I’m free to do what I want, when I want.
    I make my own decisions too.
    And I meet lots of people because I talk to everyone.

    My videos are all about my journey in many countries, meeting people, adjusting, feeling at home anywhere and saving money too!

    Happy journey!

  16. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing the valuable information but wish you would avoid the music. It is loud, distracting and annoying.

  17. Great work. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )


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