STOP WASTING AEGIS! – Pro Tips to WIN WITH ROSHAN | Dota 2 Advanced Gameplay Guide


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In this pro gameplay guide, coach Speeed covers a bunch of advanced tips on how you can control the Rosh pit, secure Roshan and use the Aegis with impact! Learn how to use the Aegis to carry your games with this Dota 2 guide and the tips and tricks within to help you RAMPAGE and win more once ahead. Break highground and rank up!

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  1. In this guide, Speeed covers how pro players secure Roshan and spend the Aegis to massively extend their leads!

    ► Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. Great job Speed! I loved how the video had progressive knowledge and not just common sense dota advice. Keep up the awesome videos! I'm definitely playing better because of it 🙂

  3. My Divine bracket team be like "Let's push high ground we got aegis", 2 mins later everyone in my team is dead and forced to bb LMAO

  4. I am a TA Spammer and i usually get aegis once i get my deso , but its really hard i kill hem around 12 to 15 (once i get my deso) my hp is going to 100-150 , is it worth it? Specialy if you had a threat if the enemy team go descovers me.
    And thank you for the video speeed
    EDIT: 12 to 15 mins

  5. make one or two gameplay guide every week sir….its better if u guide us with you playing 😀 …. love your videos 😀


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