The Harsh Social Impact of the Shallon Lester Drama


What is this whole drama really about? Gender? Psychological Abuse?

00:00 – What Shallon Lester did & her defenders
02:09 – Man vs Women? Gender War & Group Think
05:00 – How both Genders can Abuse.
06:00 – PUAs, Incels & Manosphere vs Shallon & “Female” Content
07:00 – Cancel Culture & Double Standards

09:10 – I’m not only defending Men
11:00 – Deflecting the argument. (Lemons vs Oranges)
13:15- The Divide between Male & Female
17:00 – “Stay in your lane” + Racism
19:26 – My Direct Experience with Manipulation

21:27 – Celebrity Gossip isn’t the Problem
23:00 – If a young girl takes Shallon’s Advice
26:47 – Imagine if your Son or Daughter met Shallon.
29:00 – Why her past action’s still matter
30:48 – My Experience with Bullies & Abuse.

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  1. Ok… I'll give you ULTRA PERCEPTIVE perception …
    Shallon is accepted because she is emotionally available, open and on her videos she represents herself basically as emotionally unstable.
    Cause she is a sensation.
    She is not an expert or professional.
    So you can calm down ))


  2. not sure if u ever read "dream of a ridiculous man" by fyodor dostoyevsky but if u havent plz check it out ALSO are you a libra?? if not im sensing heavy aquarian vibes

  3. Hi Pierre, I'm very new to your channel, and I subscribed immediately, because I thoroughly enjoy how you're very open, straightforward, honest, and you're not going to put up with bullshit.
    I had written, in your video with the psychologist, an incident that an ex-boyfriend had put me through by locking me up in a basement for a bit over 3 months. He had abused me physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and sexually. I swore that I'd NEVER, EVER allow myself to be abused by anyone else, and my ex-fiancee cheated on me, and manipulated me, BUT I didn't retaliate or become violent, because I REFUSED to go to jail or prison for anyone ( unless it was for my mom, or my husband ), because they're not worth it.
    SOME men use physical, psychological, and sexual abuse to prove their power and dominance to their significant other. They use physical violence to put fear of God in their significant other. They'll use threats of violence against their families, children and friends if their significant other, IF they ever decide to leave them. With these threats of violence towards the ones that their significant other loves and cares about, causes them to stay, and they suffer "in silence." They'll also isolate their significant other in order to garner more control over what their significant other does, or even says.
    SOME women will use their sexuality to control their significant other, in order to get what they want. For example, my father's ex-girlfriend would withhold sex from him IF she didn't get what she wanted. She used manipulation to get her way, such as: he always wanted to get a dog and a cat, but she'd manipulate him in not getting any pets by telling him that she'd get an allergic reaction, but her "allergies" took hours or days AFTER being exposed to any animal. I've NEVER heard of ANYONE, who has an allergy, having a reaction hours or days after being exposed to whatever they're allergic to. She even told him, my husband and myself that she had worked in a veterinarian clinic, BUT she has an allergy to an animal. To let him, my father, see that she's manipulating him by asking her to hold a 3 month old kitten. I had shown him what an allergic reaction looks like, so he can see, for himself, that she was just saying that, because if he had gotten a pet, that would be less money for her, her kids, and her best friend's daughter. I kid you all not, 3 days later, she acted like she was having an allergic reaction to her holding my kitten; now, she had NO hives, was NOT sneezing, was NOT having ANY breathing difficulties, NO itching, and NO wheezing. NOTHING! She, again, used sex to get her way when she told him to get rid of my kitten, and he did just that. That son of a bitch knew that my kitten walked around his apartment, and he had sprayed bug spray around his kitchen, where my kitten would walk around. I didn't know that he had done that while I had been taking a shower, or else I wouldn't have allowed my kitten to roam around. It was 2 days later when I noticed that my kitten couldn't keep anything down, and the next day, my kitten died in my hands. That c**t laughed. That's when he told me what my kitten could've died from, and I lost my shit. I didn't kick the living crap out of both of them, but I did curse the day that they both were born.
    SOME women also screw over men financially. Which is what happened with my husband, and his 2nd ex-wife. It's a long story.
    I sincerely and profusely apologize for this incredibly long comment. Thank you so very, very, very much for taking the time to read this comment.

  4. It's absolutely possible for women to be abusive. My mother is a VERY manipulative person. She would even tell me about how one of her childhood friends had a crush on her, and would buy her things. She NEVER told him that she wasn't interested, she just let him buy her things. She's also that way with my dad, and has been for YEARS. She would even give me "Advice" very similar to Shallon. If I'm being honest, she kind of reminds me of her.

  5. It's surprising to see how invisible psychological abuse is against physical abuse nowadays. Humanity has evolved into a macabre society in which people harm each other, trying not to leave any footage. It's interesting however, that all along our history only men would had the spotlight on them because of this. Like, how many 'evil' women dictators, politicians, etc. Do we know? And when there's actually one we know people usually takes their side because 'woa, a badass woman that's so new and feminist and empowering' and bla bla bla.
    For example Cleopatra. Before killing herself she was a smart badass making her way towards the throne yet we see that as cool. A man killing and making smart moves to run the country? That's just the regular. And that goes on and on. It's just bad people being bad!!! This makes me furious.

  6. “I’m not a girl but I can sure pass for one right?…”
    Me: reflects on my reaction to the first video on this channel I’ve seen half an hour ago
    Shit 😅

    “She paints this image that all men are fuckboys” Uh…my questioning Asexual ex would have something to say about that lol. And if I were a boy my Asexual ass would also have something to say lol.

  7. The underlying problem is naricism… Society praises narcacists… When it's a malignant disorder regardless of gender, race or Creed…Once someone is known to be a sociopath they are usually ostracized… Narcacists are malignant and distancing or shunning is the only way to protect society from these disordered individuals… If we value morals these disordered individuals would be isolated together so they can not abuse people or ruin lives….

  8. Everybody wants free speech but nobody talks about free love and the ideals of a peaceful innocent society which places intention as the first point of departure when interacting instead of hiding intentions in order to steal affection, Iove and money from people. We need a return to innocence

  9. OH GOD – I RAISED 2 BOYS and a DAUGHTER…AMAZING YOUNG ADULTS NOW.. I loved them all more than my next breath…and now….now I'm a little scared for them. But honestly, I think we all come here with different lessons to learn and that certain challenges show up for each of us based on what will teach us what our soul is yearning to learn. They may be perfect bait for an abuser, but if those arent thier lessons to learn, they'll never run into such people. If it IS what thier soul's lessons are, nothing could keep them from finding one after another.

  10. You are extremely fair minded and intelligent, with excellent and cohesive analyses. I don’t think that anyone that listens to you, thinks you are being biased. You are correct.
    And, you have a lovely heart.

  11. GOD…I DO LOOK AT THE WORLD IN BINARY TERMS…my generation, I'm sure and I HATE IT. Which is part of why I LOVE LEARNING from millenials…you guys have SOOOO MUCH TO TEACH THE WORLD AT LARGE. It may not seem like it but there are those of us out here listening and learning.

  12. And I haven't come across ANY MAN who has done something as … absurd and unhelpful as "evil week". Imo The Pick Up Artist STILL DOESN'T COME CLOSE. I''m not saying they don't exist, I'm just saying that he would be DESSIMATED, OVERNIGHT, GUARATEED. CASE IN POINT: LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO AN INNOCENT MAN….Johnny Depp should have taught us all something already.

  13. I love what you’re doing and what you stand up for and stand for🙏you are such a genuine soul, your uniqueness is beautiful in itself, I love how passionate you are. I hope some day you find that person who loves you and respects you, you deserve it🙏tysm for speaking on this the way you have been. Manipulation and abuse is ugly! The people who do it are ugly, weak, with low self esteem, they’re losers! They are so weak that the only way for them to feel any sense of worth is by tricking, manipulating, lying, abusing and are proud of it, they get off on it which is imo sick! I can’t stand that evil person. I was in a few abusive, manipulative relationships as well before and I attempted suicide a couple times. Thank god I realized, I opened my eyes and I seen what was happening. I remember my mom had adopted a baby and I loved him like he was my own. Taking care of him for the time I did helped me heal. About a year later I gave it a try again after my sisters boyfriend introduced me to his cousin. Straight away I fell for him. I was with him a few months when I got in a really bad car accident. He took care of me. I was in a halo(fractured spine), shattered my jaw, had back injury. He did everything for me. I fell inlove with him. He could’ve just walked away at any time but he took the best care of me and was so gentle.We have had our ups and downs, but we worked thru them together. We’ve been together 14 years now. We have 2 boys 10&4 and life is good. We don’t have lots of money, we struggle that way but we have love❤️I thank god for our struggles because in a way I believe they molded us into the respectful, kind couple we are. Lol we clean house together. He does dishes, I’ll sweep the floors, he mops, he does laundry, I fold the clothes and put them away, we both have changed diapers, gave baths to the babies when they were babys. We do everything together and are equal. I believe he’s my soul mate and I tell him that. Our kids are so happy. No manipulation has ever came from either of us. You just don’t do that to people. Shallon is weak, she’s doing nothing good, she don’t belong having a platform. Start a petition to get her off youtube?

  14. I really hate that SHALLON LESTER is the way I found your channel, but so glad I did, still. Love where you are taking the channel and I'm excited to see where it goes as you learn and evolve, because your capacity is truly limitless and your voice can be extremely transformative if you stay true to yourself. Keep seeking understanding…it will continue to evolve over your lifetime….it never ends….and that is a great thing.

  15. I agree with everything that this YouTuber is saying because he explains his idea .I am saddened he was abused .I know this man is confident but sometimes confident people can feel sad or mad I don't what this YouTuber or any man or woman to be sad or mad .Please get better soon !

  16. So people really think men can’t be abused or treat unfairly 🤦🏽‍♀️ and more than 40% of domestic abuse victims are men . I bet most people thought that number would be lower

  17. You kinda lost me when you started the whole argument about innocent girls and boys who don't know anything about dating taking advice from Shallon.
    That's kind of simplistic.
    However I do agree somewhat because ones opinions and view of life will be somewhat shaped by the people you surround yourself with. And Shallon perpetuates toxic behaviour both blatantly and subconciously through her manners.
    She could very well be A PART of pushing boundaries for what is deemed ok and not ok.

  18. She said that she was rejected for a school dance and since she is a “witch” she put a curse on him. In the video she said cancer twice and that their family member committed suicide.


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