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LORE TIME AGAIN! With the recent announcement of the 2018 Minecon Earth Fan Vote, I thought it would be nice to look at a topic that relates to one of the biomes up for a revamp. In today’s Minecraft Lore video I take a look at the Husk & attempt to explain this Zombie creature’s origins, as well as why certain things about his hungry guy are the way they are. As always, what do you think? Tell me down below!

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If you see this comment “husks are just walking sea pickles”


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  1. I think husks are travellers who ran out of water and died of dehydration and came back to life and are trying to find a way out of the desert and back to civilization or a place with water and they when they attack you they are probably trying to ask you if you have water but they cant speak properly because their throat is really dry (I know water doesn't help you survive in the game)

  2. I think they're mummies, because when I once saw what a mummified corpse looks like in forensics class this year, I was reminded of the husk.

  3. I believe that with all the mobs come with a backstory ties to the temple of that region or just the region, all mobs come from ancients or old players, but not, you see, the Minecraft world is littered will structures, the husk and the desert temple, the zombie and the dungon, the drowned and the ocean monument, you see what I'm getting at, the drowned are the ancients that were drowned, tis the name "drowned", the husk the zombies of the dead, dry ancients that one lived in the desert, now those are just zombies, what about ender men or wither skeletons, wither skeletons spawn in the nether, the soulsand, also IN THE NETHER, I believe that the dead of the ancients that went to the nether got stuck there, or lost the portal they built, but as they died the soulsand sucked up the soul of the dead and left the body to, WITHER, thus creating the WITHER skeletons, now what does that have to do with ender men, well, ever thought why the end portal was in a "stronghold", what does that have to do with anything, you might be asking, here's a question, why when you kill the wither, the advancement is called the beginning, well think that the wither was created when the ancients realized the souls of the dead were capive in the soulsand they tried to bring back the dead, but instead created the wither but tracked it into the overworld, so the only place they could think of was the stronghold, thus why it's underground, the only place the wither couldn't reach, they made the end portal and entered but realized they couldn't go back, they depleated the food that they had, started eating the chorus fruit and slowly after time it morphed them into the endermen. Man that was long, if you read it all and want more, all info I used was from matpat or game theory so watch his vids on the minecraft lore to understand this more, thanks for reading this tho

  4. 5000 years ago the zombies of the plains attacked the desert civilisation were the people turned into husk because of the sun and the sand the plains and forest zombies turned in to drowned when the went in the sea and evolution does his thing the the plains skeletons didnt turn into another creature but in sno and toendra biomes the needed somekind of clothes because their bones where shivering so they turned into the strays

  5. They don't burn because they have adapted to the desert, their shirt is sunbleached and pants are dirty, implying they have been there for a while. (oops I just watched the video he said the same thing lol).

  6. While I don't think anyone would read this, but here's my interpretation of the Husk.
    In the past, there were a race of desert people who spent their time within villages and temples, until the infection had spread to the desert, consuming all in its path until there was no one left to infect. Now, as for the reason why they inflict the hunger affect on you, that's because they are sucking the nutrients out of your body. For what reason? To feed and help the disease grow and spread, but due to the sun burning them into a dried husk (pun intended), they must also become rehydrated and able to easily spread the infection once again.

  7. I think Husks inflict hunger because they carry a disease that makes them, and whatever they come in contact with, extremely hungry

  8. I think the backstory of the hardest is when players die a horrible death in the desert and if you walk across one you see a dead player in their eyes

  9. I believe Minecraft is in a linear timeline and every update it goes through some centuries. First version had nothing because the original apocalypse killed all sentient people. Later, villagers became sentient and began to build villages. Every time new abondend strutcres are added signifies another golden age has passed and another apocalypse big enough to send villagers to the Stone Age. Eventually the oceans recovered enough to sustain massive amounts of life again. I believe the illagers are another faction of villagers that split at some point in time. The new update shows the villagers have advanced again but this time, nothing killed them off. The illagers faction has also now begun to creep back into villager land with the outposts. Maybe they are prepping for war with the villagers

  10. Husks may be zombies who died of dehydration, and their texture would represent a zombie with "sand-y" skin. This is why they become normal zombies when stay a little bit in the water.

  11. The husk used to be a player in a desert village. But one day he died of starvation and the villagers buried him underground for a 1000 years. And one day he woke up wearing a hoodie? I don't know that's why husks don't burn because they wear hoodies


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